A powerful and modular solution for managing payroll in compliance with current standards

Manage payroll, anticipate changes, mitigate risks and control costs. Talentia Payroll is a reference solution for payroll management and personnel administration in France, in compliance with regulatory changes and GDPR.

Talentia Payroll, a complete and modular solution that meets all your regulatory obligations and provides a comprehensive view of your human capital:

  • Manage and process payroll
  • Optimise personnel administration processes
  • Benefit from regulatory and tax updates
  • Provide managers with intuitive tools to facilitate team-related admin activities (access to the file, requests, absences…)
  • Empower employees to easily manage their individual dossier, post requests (absences, certificates …), access their history, etc.
  • Streamline declarative requirement through the secured DSN portal (Nominative Social Declaration)
  • Anticipate the enforcement of source tax collection (PAS)
  • Drive towards GDPR compliance
  • Meet Health at Work challenges (accidents, risks).


At Talentia, we put engagement, excellence and proximity at the heart of our commitment to you.

So that you can concentrate on what matters and maximise your investment, we propose a combination of implementation, training and support services. Our projects managers and consultants will work closely together with your team to provide you with the best possible services, based on your requirements and specific needs.

And since ‘one size does not fit all’, we leave you the option to choose the solution that will work best for you, whether it is SaaS, hosted or on premise.

Consulting & Implementation

SaaS & on premise

Business Services

Multi devices

Talentia HR Suite is designed for use on multi-devices. Having a responsive and adaptive design is essential in today’s connected world. Talentia HR Software has the capability to perform, regardless of what devices and screen sizes are in use.  It looks great and it’s easy to use on your laptop, smartphone and tablet.  HR Suite facilitates adoption, collaboration and transforms the user experience.

Talentia, your GDPR Partner

Since May 25th 2018, GDPR changes the paradigm of personal data protection in Europe. Earlier on, we implemented a GDPR Compliance Programme, for our solutions and internal processes as well. In addition, our expertise enabled us to create the 1st value-added GDPR offering (Talentia GDPR Plus).

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