Accounting Software

In response to the challenges faced by Finance Departments, Talentia offers a complete and modular accounting and financial management software solution, translated and adapted to international regulations.

With Talentia Accounting Software:

  • Reduce time to produce financial information and improve data quality through process automation and validation.
  • Secure, optimize and streamline your business processes for a more agile corporate governance.
  • Leverage a 360 ° view of your customer and supplier data, identify the levers for optimizing your WCR, and thus directly impact the corporate bottom line.


Key features of Talentia Accounting Suite:

  • Administrative and Tax Accounting: General accounting, legal statements, financial analysis, VAT, fixed assets, tax book, multi-legislation.
  • Auxiliary Debtor Management: Billing, collection, dematerialization, analyzes and KPIs (ratios, DSO, etc.).
  • Auxiliary Creditor Management: Commitments, purchases, digital invoicing, payment processing, expense reports, analyzes (ratios, DPO …)
  • Cash Management: Forecasting, transfers, exchanges/EBICS, bank reconciliation, interest scales…
  • Accounting revision: A complete accounting software for managing your revision process
  • Financial Intelligence: Predefined analyses for accounting system monitoring

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At Talentia, we put engagement, excellence and proximity at the heart of our commitment to you.

So that you can concentrate on what matters and maximise your investment, we propose a combination of implementation, training and support services. Our projects managers and consultants will work closely together with your team to provide you with the best possible services, based on your requirements and specific needs.

And since ‘one size does not fit all’, we leave you the option to choose the solution that will work best for you, whether it is SaaS, hosted or on premise.

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Talentia, your GDPR Partner

Since May 25th 2018, GDPR changes the paradigm of personal data protection in Europe. Earlier on, we implemented a GDPR Compliance Programme, for our solutions and internal processes as well. In addition, our expertise enabled us to create the 1st value-added GDPR offering (Talentia GDPR Plus).

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