What features are offered in your HCM (Human Capital Management) solution?

Talentia HR suite includes two solutions – Talentia HCM & Talentia Payroll

Talentia HCM includes 5 core bundles


What benefits will your HR system bring to my business?

A single source for HR and people data driven by security permissions, workflows and process automation. A HRIS system to streamline and improve productivity, increase visibility, develop people and drive engagement.

What features are included in the new suite?

Talentia HCM unifies various HR, compensation and talent management functionality into a single HR system.

Included within the software you have many different features and functionality such as:

  • User configuration – meaning HR have the tools to make changes to screens, fields, forms, workflows and process
  • Global and local configuration – allowing for certain fields, screens process to visible in only some locations
  • Reports Wizard – HR and Managers can create their own reports and dashboards.
  • Virtual Assistant using AI technology – Théo our new VA, He is available to help all users with day- to day tasks, answer questions, navigate to pages
  • Brand new ATS (applicant tracking system) functionality including semantic search, cv parsing, video interviews, gamification streamlining the recruiting cycle.
  • Upgraded charting tool to help HR visualise their organisation in a real-time, dynamic view including box styles which can display key information about the employee – such as absence data, performance data & succession
  • Out of the box and configurable performance processes including 360 reviews, peer rating, competency assessment, objective reviews
  • Engagement – with social collaboration tools such as continuous feedback – encouraging peers to leave feedback about their colleagues (for a job well done, birthdays, endorsements in skills, welcome to the team etc.) and soon to be released dedicated social and collaboration tool


What benefits will the HR solutions bring to my company?

  • HR will benefit from a single source of truth. Safe, reliable, up-to-date information with alerts to prevent missed deadlines, security roles to give visibility to the right people at the right time, accessible via the web on all devices.
  • Managers have more responsibility managing their team with development tools and KPIs, dedicated workflow processes and clear vision who is in their team. How are they performing in the team, do they engage well with the organization and team? Do they need additional training, are they underperforming ⊻ overperforming?
  • Employees benefit from a single solution for all of their personal details, documents, holiday requests, feedback, performance reviews, e-learning, training history with a dedicate employee self-service feature also displaying latest company news and stories.