Why e-learning is essential for Companies ?

August 13, 2019

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In 10 years, digital technology has profoundly transformed training. In many sectors of activity, e-learning has been put at the service of companies and the constant innovations that result from it make it a fully-fledged investment. Despite everything, it is now a great way to train these teams internally and a major asset.

E-learning, what is it all about ?

The term e-learning also refers to all means (software and hardware) for providing general or specialised education using information and communication technologies. One of the main distinctive feature of this type of learning is the possibility of freeing oneself from the spatial and temporal constraints inherent in “face-to-face” learning. With the possibility of teaching remotely and live (by videoconference and chat on a browser or specialized software), it is also asynchronous communication that constitutes the fundamentals of e-learning.

In this form, the learner doesn’t interact directly with the trainer, but accesses resources and gets delayed answers.

In addition, the emergence of Web 2.0 has also given rise to a new form of training : It’s the collaborative learning. Digital tools are thus used by a community of learners to share, develop and improve knowledge and skills through continuous exchanges and interactions.

Online training has many advantages

Digital learning is a tool for engaging with employees

The soft skill highlighted by this learning method is that of autonomy. Everyone controls the management of their training at their own pace, while managers define the plan. Online training requires a high level of involvement. The learner must take charge of his or her own development and find himself or herself responsible for developing and increasing his or her effectiveness. Today, the rate of participants completing the formation is around 70%. Even if the effectiveness of training actions can only be judged  just with this number, this figure reveals the scope of the action carried out and gives companies a vision of ROI.

A learning method that is intended to be flexible

“Where you want, When you want” is the currency of e-learning. Everyone can access their training online whenever and wherever they want. They can learn at their own pace and quickly consult a module or return to it. Unlike face-to-face training, which is more difficult to organize, this type of training is intended to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The flexibility of the method also comes from the way it learns, whether it is auditory or visual. The module system allows a learner to follow the training independently of the group to which he or she belongs. This e-learning feature facilitates learning and allows for individualized learning paths.

Saving time and money for companies

On the logistics side, online training wins hands down over face-to-face training. The latter is expensive, as it involves teams for up to several days, not to mention additional costs (travel of the trainer, room, video projector, paper, etc.). Online training requires a one-time investment, it is reusable except for possible updates. The content is more precise, targeted and responsive, while the training time is considerably reduced.

E-learning, a guarantee of quality and responsiveness

Faced with competition in line with a constantly growing market, online training must provide great added value to learners. The contents of the training courses are regularly updated, taking into account technological or regulatory developments.

Talentia Software, your HR e-learning software provider

To ensure the benefits of online training, it should be organized using a reliable and efficient technical solution that ensures sessions can run smoothly. In addition, access to and use of the resources made available must be simple and fast. Talentia Software is a leading European developer of business management solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of administrative departments at business of all sizes. As a publisher of dedicated software for companies and training organizations, our company uses its expertise to provide an optimal e-learning platform for clients, and in particular their HR departments. Our central philosophy is to provide a solution that responds to your specific needs and issues. When it comes to both development and deployment, we have a highly qualified team to provide real-time assistance and to ensure optimal use of our products.