Talentia & Agora

Improving employee experience thanks to HR services delivery

June 29  |  9:00 am BST | 10:00 am CEST

Remote and hybrid work has become the norm for many organizations, making the traditional model of HR services delivery no more relevant. New HR services improve employee experience delivering expected flexibility in the modern digital workplace

Discover how to improve the employee experience with HR Services Delivery

During this webinar, we will discuss trends and new HR services delivery to improve employee experience.

Real-time HR presence and answers, digital document management are key to improve exchanges between HR and employees but also to increase HR productivity and level of service.

What are the new challenges for HR and new employee needs.

How HR services can deliver improved employee experience.

Services delivered by HCM Talentia.

HR Services leveraging Natural Language Processing.

Quick demo of HCM HR Services and NLP.

So, join this informative webinar and discover how to improve employee experience with Talentia’s solution.

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Improving employee experience with HR Services delivery

Mary Cazanove

CMO & Co-founder
Agora Software

Fabio Cardilli

HCM Product Manager