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Talent-centric HR strategies for 2022: The Rise of Talent & People Success

May 12  |  13h30 GMT

The COVID-19 pandemic forced 93% of organisations to adjust their HR strategies, and for the vast majority of them, these changes will be lasting. The pandemic significantly impacted where and how people work and how work is distributed. In fact, hybrid working has become the reality for most desk-based workers.

And the HR challenges don’t stop there. More and more are coming with the new reality.

Many countries across Europe are facing their own version of the “Great Resignation” (also known as the “Big Quit”) as employees look to move on from their current roles. Fosway Group’s research shows which are the most important measures of success for HR in 2022:

  • Boosting employee engagement, being an employer of choice.
  • Creating a digital-ready culture.
  • Reducing employee turnover.

Talent-centric HR strategies for 2022

As a result, many organisations are rethinking their traditional approaches to talent management and are looking to implement talent-centric HR strategies that emphasize talent and people success. This is leading many companies to reconsider HR technology stacks that are less well suited to supporting these new approaches to talent management.

In this webinar, Sven Elbert, Senior Analyst HCM and Talent at Fosway Group, will discuss the HR trends and strategies emerging in 2022, including:

HR Trends 2022 – Moving beyond the pandemic?!

How classic Talent Management is evolving into Talent & People Success

Getting talent-centric HCM strategies to work

Successful HR technology ecosystems for talent-centric HCM strategies

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Sven Elbert will be accompanied by Béatrice Piquer, CMO of Talentia Software. Talentia is a software editor for Human Resources, talent management, and financial performance, with a focus on mid-cap companies.

Béatrice Piquer

Béatrice Piquer

Talentia Software

Sven Elbert - Fosway

Sven Elbert

Senior Analyst HCM and Talent
Fosway Group