Cash Planning –
Key to Financial Stability.

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Unlock Financial Stability with Effective Cash Planning

Cash planning provides a detailed projection of income and expenses for the upcoming weeks and months, making it an essential tool for leadership and early detection of possible cash flow constraints. It’s not only important for operational companies but is also gaining popularity within corporations. Future income and expenses are significantly influenced by sales plans, cost plans, and investment plans, among other factors.

Watch our webinar recording to learn, through a simple example, how an uncomplicated cash planning process can support your company or group.

Webinar Recording


Richard Bavington

General Manager
Talentia Software

Richard has spent 30 years in the CPM space working with Clients to help drive value from software applications. His experience includes time with large software companies such as Oracle (Hyperion) and IBM and smaller companies such as Frango and now Talentia Software. Richard leads the team in North America, always focused on delivering and exceeding Client expectations. 

Patrick Künzli

Principal Consultant
Talentia Software

Patrick has been working as a principal consultant and advisor for many years. Since 1998 he has gained experience in the acquisition, design and project management of numerous implementation projects (> 60) in the area of group accounting for corporate groups of various sizes. For many years he has been active in the CPM business for group consolidation, management reporting and planning.