Automating Financial Reporting and Consolidation Quickly with an Excel Based Solution

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Presented by Talentia Software, Candela Medical and Financial Executives International.

While the pressure on finance teams increases to provide more information and faster many still spend a tremendous amount of time producing financial statements manually each month. The process of converting the Trial Balance into Financial Statements is often a high touch and heavily manual exercise that carries a risk of error.

Join this informative session and hear from Roman Gankin the Assistant Controller at Candela Medical about how he implemented Talentia Software to automate the process with great results. Statements can now be produced faster and refreshed both easily and frequently to dramatically improve reporting.

Learn from Candela Medical and how they did it:

  • Faster
  • More automated
  • Reduced risk of error
  • The ability to provide timely ad hoc reporting and tackle the consolidation process

Webinar Recording


Richard Bavington

Richard Bavington

General Manager North America
Talentia Software

Roman Gankin

Roman Gankin, CPA

Global Corporate Assistant Controller
Candela Medica

Rolf Niederman

Rolf Niederman

Talentia Software