Use a specialist for high-performance financial reporting software

October 23, 2019

función financiera - ciberseguridad

The use of a specialist is strongly recommended when purchasing financial reporting software. If you are looking for a trusted service provider, be sure of the reliability, performance and simplicity of the solution it offers.

What is management reporting?

This is in the form of an operation consisting in presenting the company’s financial and operational data in a consistent manner. This type of solution is intended to be a decision-making tool because it presents the real situation of the company in all its aspects. The large volume of data to be processed increases the risk of errors and omissions. A management reporting software is then recommended, particularly for large groups and structures.

The objectives of management reporting

Opting for a powerful management reporting software will provide you with reliable and consistent figures; they will be used to set up a reference database for all the decisions to be taken in order to optimize the management and results of the company.

In addition, this type of software is also used to combine the company’s legal and managerial vision. Finally, it offers the possibility of efficient analysis functions. In addition, publishing financial, accounting and other figures will be faster and reporting deadlines will be respected. However, it is essential to choose software whose functionalities exactly meet your needs in order not to distort the information contained in the reporting.

Financial reporting: what does it consist of?

It is presented as a document based on financial data and information that highlights the company’s financial health. The financial reporting software is a tool for monitoring the evolution of treasury activities.  The analysis of its content not only makes it possible to see the efforts made by the company, but also to identify gaps and deficiencies in the management of its finances. It is also a tool that makes it possible to anticipate the needs and difficulties that the company will have to face.

The functionalities offered by Talentia Consolidation & Reporting

Our financial reporting software, Talentia Consolidation & Reporting is a collaborative solution accessible in full web mode integrating operational and forecasting processes. If you are looking for a tool to increase the reliability and speed of your financial reporting, it perfectly meets your expectations. Indeed, you will have a solution to automate the collection of data from different sources within the company.

In addition, we have equipped it with a simulation function to monitor, evaluate and analyze indicators and a performance analysis function using a comparison of actual data with budget and plan data.

The efficiency of your solution can also be improved with other optional modules:

  • the solution for managing customizable data validation processes
  • the solution that facilitates and automates the collection, mapping, transformation, validation and loading of all data from the various operational systems.