5 Emerging Trends for HR in 2023

January 9, 2023

The Human Resources sector has seen numerous changes in the past 2-3 years as hybrid and remote work took center stage during the pandemic. In order to retain employees and foster a better company culture, businesses are understanding the need to shift to a human centric workplace environment.

Throughout this article, we are going to focus on top HR trends such as employee well-being, upskilling, hybrid and flexible work models, digitalization and more. A growing need for flexibility at work has recently begun to emerge as the global workforce started to go back to the office in 2021. In fact, 58% of employed respondents from a McKinsey poll say they have the option to work from home at least part- time. Read on to learn about the HR trends to watch for in 2023.

Employee experience, as main HR trend

Today’s workforce has become much more aware of the potential risks of burnout from their jobs. HR managers have traditionally been focused on keeping track of absences and avoiding being understaffed during busy seasons. The shift towards employee experience and well-being is forcing businesses to rethink the way their company cultures are designed and shift towards a people-first approach.

Reskilling and upskilling

When it comes to training, HR companies should place equal focus on soft and hard skills in order to foster a dynamic work culture.

Both trends have their place in the workforce and are utilized in different ways.

Hybrid work model

Lockdowns forced millions of people to work from home. This unintended experiment resulted in testing to see how efficient remote work truly was. Thanks to advancements in technology, employees can easily perform meetings over video conferencing technology and stay in touch via group chat programs. This trend will definitely continue to grow as companies seek out global recruiting, reduce overhead expenses and increase employee satisfaction and retention.

Workplace digitalization

One of the most important objectives for companies is to keep business running as regularly as possible. Automation tools and digitalization of services and procedures are the main ways to achieve this goal. 81% of HR managers say that the implementation of a digital work environment is a driving factor of modernization. This trend especially will continue to grow as employees prioritize tools that will help boost their work productivity.

Continuous learning

2023 is set to be the year in which HR will approach employee strategies differently and incorporate learning into daily work. The focus is set to shift towards more strategic learning and the training of specific skills in order to retain company competitiveness. We will see more micro-learning and micro-mentoring, as well as an increase in leaning into the flow of work.

Many different top HR trends

As you can see, there are many different top HR trends that have been ongoing or have just started to emerge in the industry. These trends do not only affect one department in an organization, but the business as a whole.

employees training

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