Cloud payroll management, a fast-growing market

August 19, 2019

Ressources Humaines et intégration de la paie, un duo inséparable

While the cloud has become indispensable in the digital world in just a few years, the solutions market is no exception. Whether in training, recruitment, accounting, performance and now payroll…

On the trend side, companies are nowadays trying to respond more and more through global offers. These generally include talent management on the one hand and payroll management through the cloud on the other. This market inclination is pushing publishers to invest exclusively in the cloud and thus meet a real need in Europe.

Payroll management, a delicate task

In companies, payroll management is undoubtedly the most challenging and time-consuming task of human resources. All the elements to be taken into account when calculating the amounts can be a real headache (gross amount, various deductions, advances already received, various payments, etc.) and it’s impossible to create standard pay slips for all employees. As an essential element, payroll management is also most often experienced as a restraint. Rather than managing it internally using a tool that is disconnected from talent management, companies are realizing that its integration into the cloud is a significant advantage.

The benefits of using the Cloud in payroll management

The first advantage of using a Cloud payroll management software is that it simplifies the recording of specific operations and the performance of calculations for the preparation, edition and the sending of the pay slip. These tasks are automated so that there is virtually no risk of error and considerable time savings. Similarly, by outsourcing all missions to an external platform, usually in return for a monthly or annual subscription, the benefits are multiple.

Starting with the software. It is installed on the provider’s web hosting server, reducing storage space restraints for the company. The publisher is also responsible for the security of the backed up data, maintenance and evolution according to regulatory or fiscal changes and technological advances. Since invoicing is on a pay-per-use basis with no additional costs, the company minimizes and controls its costs while having access to the application and its archives 24 hours a day.

Finally, the deployment is very fast and generally requires a low complexity operation. This allows a possible return to internalized mode at the end of the commitment period. It’s really easy to use, however, the supplier offers basic training to users, and technical assistance (usually with a hotline available during business hours) included in the service.

The Cloud : Market demand and insurance for the future

The rapidly growing market is leading companies to equip themselves more. Nearly 70% of them plan to improve their cloud maturity within 2 years. A large majority will probably choose for a complete integration combining talent management and payroll, thus boosting their productivity gains. Today, the cloud payroll market is securing a bright future both in Europe and internationally. The major difficulty comes from the widespread use of payroll in the cloud, which will not be easy, particularly at the European level.

Talentia Software offers powerful cloud-based payroll software

Talentia Software is recognized for its business management software, offering an efficient response to the needs of businesses of all sizes. As well as being a well-known developer and integrator of business software solutions, Talentia Software is also a trusted partner for companies wishing to adopt cloud payroll software. Our solution allows you to maintain control over your payroll activity internally, while benefiting from the advantages of outsourcing IT processes to the cloud.

Thanks to our expert advice, you can define the optimal coverage of your needs and configure the various tools according to your own internal rules. This ergonomic application is also integrated with other programs to ensure the harmonized and smooth management of human resources: personnel administration, time management and planning, payroll management, etc. You can even outsource all administrative processing of your payroll.