The benefits of HR Management software

September 4, 2019

Talentia simplifie la complexité RH

Human resources management is a complex and delicate task requiring certain professional skills and powerful and adapted software. Today, HR management software must guarantee a perfect optimization of human capital management within the company.

The Publisher, guardian of the HR management software

Nowadays it has become very easy to find HR Management software from specialized editors. He wants to be a specialist in software design and provide the right solution for your situation. From customizing the software to creating on demand or integrating it into the computer system, a competent publisher must offer all these services.

HR management software, a strategic management tool

Managing the company’s human capital is not just about processing certain administrative tasks such as payroll, time management, etc. From recruitment to the end of the employee’s cycle, HR managers are responsible for performance monitoring, training, skills and career management and succession planning.

As part of the overall strategy, the company’s managers must ensure that they have all the talent they need, adjust resources to their needs, analyze the payroll, and carry out simulations to make the best decisions. For the management of all these tasks, an HR management software becomes a precious help. The stakes are twofold, with on the one hand greater mobility for everyone and the transformation of the world of wor in terms of uses and regulations. Even if the organization has several geographical sites around the world, such a platform makes it possible to centralize employee management and offers optimal visibility and reliability.

Human resources management software for process optimization

Finding the right human resources management software to meet the HR department’s needs can be a real concern for every company. Aware of the needs and constraints of companies of all sizes, we have developed a modular and upgradeable solution that covers the entire employee life-cycle.

With Talentia HR Suite, your HR managers are able, among other things, to:

  • Optimize how the recruitment process is managed,
  • Model organizational and legal structures, create a complete national or international database, manage transfer histories for individuals or groups of employees, and consolidate data
  • Create organization charts based on the links between employees, positions or organizational units, explore new ideas by modifying key posts or transferring departments or individuals
  • Retain your company’s high performers, evaluate skills, draw up training plans, and motivate your employees with career plans and internal advancement opportunities
  • Develop an effective wage policy and establish pay review plans
  • Anticipate and smoothly manage departures from strategic positions, understand and analyze the reasons for departures.

We also offer a ‘Survey’ tool to collect information about employee expectations, opinions and most of all priorities. This information provides indicators to identify and resolve problems that may affect the company’s performance.

Talentia’s HR management software is comprehensive and efficient

Talentia Software is a leading European player on the business management solutions market, providing efficient solutions to meet the needs of SMEs, larger businesses and major clients alike. Talentia Software’s solutions combine ‘performance, ease of use and scalability’. For more than 30 years, our experts have been the trusted partners of companies in developing Performance Management systems. Our HR management software is particularly valued by managers because of the many advantages it offers.

Consisting of various modules that can be adapted to the requirements and business constraints of individual organizations, our software will meet your needs, regardless of your business sector or the scale of your company. Choose the Talentia Software range of solutions designed to streamline financial performance management.
Rich functionality, flexibility, and intuitiveness aren’t the only benefits of our HR management software. Compliance is a key requirement in this area, and we implement continuous monitoring to ensure complete adherence to the applicable legal, regulatory and tax requirements.