The 7 Deadly Sins of the HRD: Sin #1, rest on your achievements

October 16, 2019

No, the attractiveness of the company is not only due to its results and its place on the market.

Today, we live in a highly connected world, with internet, we can learn about a company, its values, its quality of life at work, its compensation levels before applying or committing.

Just as they are measured in their performance, in the added value they bring to the company, they can freely post their opinions and their different experiences… And the web has a long memory!

Thus, the company no longer has control over what is said about it and attracting and retaining new talent has become very difficult. In addition, the scarcity of qualified profiles in many sectors of activity is leading to an increasingly fierce battle for new talent. And the figures are clear, globally, 40% of business leaders face difficulties in hiring qualified employees in certain sectors.

Monitoring the influence of social networks has thus become a major challenge and companies are still struggling to understand it.

In addition to the advantages that digitalization confers on companies, human resources also have a role to play in the work of the employer brand. They must communicate proactively by creating a culture of brand ambassadorship, inviting each employee to post regularly on the web. This new form of HR marketing boosts the company’s attractiveness and also reinforces the “Personal Branding” of employees.

Control your image to stay in the race!

The situation is now clear: There is now a need to develop an excellent employer brand.

However, be careful not to want to do too much and sell what doesn’t exist. Remain consistent in your speech, your promises and your corporate culture. Keep in mind that while candidates’ trust can be easily earned, it is still very volatile.