Telework, a reality that is being prepared during containment

March 24, 2020

Telework is for many employees a reality that is being prepared during containment. In this unprecedented period of crisis, here are four steps to follow in order to optimize everyone’s work at home.

Mobility at work must be managed

Let’s face it, it’s not easy for a company to manage its employees remotely. The difficulty lies in keeping everyone productive and motivated in a context outside the company. Telework cannot be invented, but must be prepared for.
Identifying the elements suitable for working from home
It’s a fact, not everyone can work remotely and those for several reasons. Some positions, for example, require a physical presence (hospital staff, reception, supervision etc…) or tools only available in the company. To all these workers, I say be brave…

But it is also a question of taking stock of the other collaborators whose tasks can be carried out remotely. An employee who is autonomous on a daily basis is able to maintain constant productivity from a distance. This is a fundamental element for the company and is a natural part of everyone’s life. It is now up to you managers to identify the employees concerned.
In this period of confinement, it is a question of creating a space dedicated to work. Ideally, this should be away from potential distractions and allow for reflection.

Tools to implement for teleworking

Communicating, exchanging data or sharing information has never been easier. If you’re a typical 90’s manager dictating information and instructions over a microphone, get out of your cave. A number of free tools for you and your team are available. Whether it’s for your meetings or your internet file sharing, these will soon have no more secrets for you.
This is also the time to set everyone’s goals during this period. The objective is to allow each member to work remotely in total autonomy. Being isolated from the rest of the team does not mean being on the sidelines. In this period of coronavirus crisis, cohesion and closeness with the team members are crucial to keep a balance. Exchanges by videoconference for briefings, meetings or simply to encourage each other must be daily. The distance should not disrupt the relationship you have at work.

Trust is the key

This is probably the most important thing, it is essential to trust your team during the telework phases. Playing the cop is not the solution and giving everyone time to adapt may be necessary. Listening, diplomacy and understanding will be your key words. Tell yourself that teleworking is in the age of time and companies adapted to this system are undeniably ahead of the game.