Talentia HCM User Group 2024 Explores AI Innovations in HR

May 6, 2024

The first webinar with HCM User Group community delves into the transformative role of AI in HR, showcasing real-world applications and future potentials.

In an innovative step towards the future of Human Capital Management (HCM), Talentia Software recently hosted its first webinar with the HCM User Group 2024 community, focusing on “Exploring AI and Generative AI Innovations in HR.” This session kicked-off a series of webinars aimed at dissecting the evolving landscape of HR technologies and their impact on the industry. 

Kick-off Meeting Brings Together International Users

The 2024 HCM User Group started with the kick-off meeting, held on March 22nd, and brought together 28 users from 18 companies across 5 countries. The first webinar run on April 19th featured a comprehensive preview of the HCM solution evolution, highlighted by a presentation from Nikolaos Kogkas, HR Information & System Analyst at KLEMANN, a customer of Talentia, on their successful integration of AI tools within Talentia’s HCM framework. 

Growing Adoption of AI in HR

A key moment of the webinar was the discussion of a recent survey on the current use of AI in HR. The survey revealed that 60% of respondents are utilizing AI tools like ChatGPT on a personal initiative basis in their daily tasks, 30% are planning to adopt AI but have yet to start, and 10% have begun implementing AI across certain departments. 

This dialogue highlighted the growing complexity and potential of AI in HR, emphasizing the need for strategic implementation to enhance operational efficiency and employee engagement. Talentia’s HCM User Group 2024 is positioned as a cornerstone for HR professionals seeking to navigate this dynamic landscape, offering early access to new features, valuable resources, and direct communication with Talentia’s Product Manager and R&D experts. 

Fabio Cardilli, Product Manager HCM at Talentia, was enthusiastic about the initiative, stating, “It is always stimulating to talk with our users and establish a mutually beneficial exchange relationship. Shortening the distance between a software producer and its users is one of the keys to success in an ever-changing and rapidly evolving world.” 

Upcoming Webinars: Empowering HR Professionals

The upcoming webinars in the Talentia HCM User Group 2024 series will cover a range of topics, from AI innovations to Strategic Workforce Planning, designed to equip HR professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in today’s complex HR environment.