Talentia Software unveils its new e-learning software to develop employee engagement and skills

June 8, 2021

Featured_Image_PR_Talentia Software unveils its new e-learning software to develop employee engagement and skills

With its new training management module, Talentia Software provides HR, managers and learners with a unique, social, mobile and engaging digital experience. With this new solution, it is easy to train anywhere, at any time, and thus to develop your skills in a simple and fun way.

A brand-new e-learning portal, entirely designed for learners

Integrated into its HCM suite, Talentia’s new Training module offers a solution to optimize the training management process; from the collection of training needs to the course session administration and feedback. The new portal offers free access to courses, a microlearning area, and a forum for discussion with experts and other employees.

With its brand-new user interface, Talentia Training module is user-friendly and, therefore, efficient while providing an appealing experience. Among its features, each user now can fully customize it.


Data analysis, training development and employee engagement with Talentia’s new Training module

 Training administration

HR managers now benefit from a dashboard to have a global view of all requested training.  These training are then followed by the employees and their progress is reported in the training management process.

Talentia’s new training module provides HR departments with an efficient turnkey digital solution to collect, analyze and respond to employees’ training needs. The training management process is thus optimized and simplified to facilitate employee engagement and upskilling.

The tool facilitates the essential exchanges between managers and employees during home office work.

Thanks to its global view of employees, the module delivers analytical power to improve the quality and efficiency of processes, monitor the work environment, identify risks and mobilize people and resources.

Develop a training offer for total learner involvement

Talentia’s new Training module offers total customization for training. HR managers can set up personalized e-learning sessions and virtual classrooms. The module lets you tailor courses’ content, test management, registration, waiting lists and attendance certificates. With collaboration at its core, the Training module empowers everyone to evaluate courses, give suggestions, fill out surveys, and collaborate with HR and managers to improve training.