Talentia Software participates in the HR Innovation Awards 2019 of the Polytechnic School of Management in Milan

July 31, 2019

The Observatory rewarded the candidate Talentia’s customer case in the “Performance Management” awards category on the project for the digitalization of HR management and development processes.

Talentia Software, a leading company of solutions for the business performance management in the economic-financial and human resources area, supported the 2019 edition of the research of the HR Innovation Practice Observatory of the Polytechnic School of Management in Milan. The outcomes of the research were presented at the Agile Transformation conference which took place in Milan on 12 June. The research is based on an empirical analysis that, through surveys, workshops and case studies, involved 187 HR executives from companies operating in Italy, assigning the HR Innovation Awards 2019 to organizations that have distinguished themselves.

What is the HR Innovation Practice Observatory?

The HR Innovation Practice Observatory was born in 2010 to meet the needs of transforming skills and the role of the HR department due to the spread of new ICT technologies and organizational models. The Observatory has the objective of supporting HR Executives. This regarding the process of evolution of the management and development of Human Resources.

“We are enthusiastic to have joined as a sponsor in the 2019 edition of the HR Innovation Practice Observatory” – says Marco Bossi, Managing Director of Talentia Software in Italy. “We appreciated the moments of meeting and development of the community, gathering valuable insights on the critical points expressed by the companies both in the model of engagement of new resources and in being able to readily adapt to the changes imposed by the digital revolution. “

Engaging People

In fact, research has found that engaging people is a critical factor for the success and survival of organizations in the digital transformation. To motivate and engage employees they need agile organizational models, able to adapt easily and quickly to change. In agile companies, in fact, as many as 85% of employees declare themselves motivated and involved, almost three times registered in traditional ones (31%).

The HR departments are aware of this urgency and the main challenge for 2019 is linked to the change in work organization models (45%), followed by the development of digital culture and skills (43%) and by employer branding and talent attraction (41%). Anyway only one company out of five is going in this direction, working in synergy on structure, processes, and practices, culture, and styles of leadership, skills, and ecosystem. On the other hand, the survey showed a marked increase in the adoption of the “People Strategy”, a strategy for developing human capital in terms of skills, organizational models and leadership styles connected to the digital revolution, present in 54% of the companies (against 35% last year).

Finally, the Observatory assigned the HR Innovation Awards 2019 to the organizations that distinguished themselves and Banca IFIS won in the “Performance Management” category for the “IFIS Talent” project. This project allowed to digitize the management of the employee file, the process of evaluation and feedback, of the salary review phase, of the planning and organization of classroom and distance training.

Talentia has supported Banca IFIS in the innovation of personnel development, with a more effective User Experience, offering managers the possibility of monitoring the work of the employees and carrying out of the processes themselves.