Talentia Software launches three new features in its financial cash management solution

July 9, 2020

Paris La Défense, July 7th, 2020

With these new features, Talentia Software enables mid-size companies to have better control and accurate forecasts of their financial resources.

In the current economic context, it is even more fundamental for the sustainability and development of any company to have a precise cash flow plan in order to ensure optimal cash management and thus anticipate financing needs.

Talentia Software’s cash management solution meets the needs of mid-size companies by allowing them to compare the actual cash flow with the forecast at any time (accounting, pure forecasts, etc.), to analyze their working capital and to model their forecasts.

Three new functionalities

Talentia Software completes its cash management solution with :

  • Monitoring of internal banking capabilities for better management of financial forecasts including premium calculation, current account interest calculation, bank movements (cash transfers), bank reconciliations, cash reconciliations (manual, automatic with multiple rules, linked or not with bank reconciliation).
  • Comparisons of bank actuals with forecasts: analysis of your overall cash flow in the form of a value-based master record including all the necessary data (accounting actuals, forecasts, bank statements and schedules).
  • Modeling of cash flow forecasts, by entries (copies/mass changes), imports.

A complete treasury solution integrated with Talentia Software’s Financial Suite

With Talentia Software’s cash management solution, mid-sized companies have a simple and intuitive tool that automates cash management for better control of free cash. Complete and modular, this software integrates all cash management functions: forecast management, automatic transfers from account to account, bank and cash reconciliation, interest scales, current account management, management of short-term Spot loans, etc.

Attached to Talentia Financial Suite, Talentia’s financial suite, the cash management solution benefits from accounting functionalities such as end-to-end secure supplier payment cycle management – from BAP to bank transmission (anti-fraud RIB), RIB security, automatic processing of bank statements (automatic generation of entries, account lettering, etc.) and automatic reconciliations. This tool also offers functionalities dedicated to bank exchanges (EBICS TS).

Beatrice PIQUER, Chief Marketing Officer “Our treasury software solution meets the needs of ETI managers for whom, in this post-covid-19 period, it is all the more important to have visibility on cash flow. With our solution, they benefit from the following tools allowing to readjust the realized with the forecasts and to make landing simulations “.

Talentia Financial Suite is a single platform for financial management, performance management, consolidation and closing.  It enables the Finance Department to benefit from digital continuity and to free itself from the often time-consuming tasks of control, restatement, reconciliation and regulatory management. Secure, rich in automation and collaborative functionalities, it is constantly evolving and provides turnkey and adaptable business models.

About Talentia Software

Talentia Software is an international leader in solutions for financial and human resources. Talentia’s solutions are complete, integrated and adapted to the specific complexity that mid-size companies must manage. Talentia Software is a French group with a strong presence in Southern Europe, particularly in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Greece. Following the acquisition of Addedo in 2018, Talentia is now also present in Switzerland, Germany, and North America. More than 3600 companies are already using Talentia solutions to simplify the management of their financial and HR complexities. In 2019, the group achieved a turnover of 65 millions of euros and 450 employees.

More informations : https://www.talentia-software.com

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