Talentia Software completes its HRIS with three new modules

September 11, 2020

Talentia simplifie la complexité RH

Social & Collaboration, Virtual Assistant, and Performance Management are the three new HR modules that join Talentia’s HRIS portal to enhance the employee experience.

Nearly two-thirds of HR decision-makers expect HR process automation to simplify the employee’s daily life (Markess study – 2020). Talentia’s HRIS with its HR modules allows HR managers to (re)connect with employees and modernize their work environment.

Three new modules that help improve the employee experience

The corporate social network Social and Collaboration is designed to foster collaboration and communication between teams. Directly connected to the employee portal, the Social and Collaboration solution is a true collaborative tool. Equipped with an ergonomic interface, this corporate social network is easy to use and facilitates creativity. It improves the exchange and sharing of information and documents between employees in complete security.

Talentia Theo’s new virtual assistant simplifies the life of employees in their daily HR processes. Chatbot uses artificial intelligence and natural language to help employees and HR staff search for information, from the simplest to the most complex. Theo understands, researches, provides answers and facilitates decision making. Thanks to instant messaging technology, “Speech to Text” and “Text to Speech” functions, Theo provides a fast, comprehensive and personalized service. Available 24/7, Theo enhances the employee experience and boosts the productivity of HR teams.

The Performance tool makes it easy to assess employee performance against defined objectives. The module integrates an evaluation form generator, scoring systems, rating scales, weighting, etc. By automating the process of monitoring performance and attaining objectives, the Performance solution considerably increases employee productivity and commitment. The module promotes communication between managers and their employees and facilitates decision making regarding employee progress and career planning.

These three new modules are available immediately

According to Béatrice Piquer, Chief Marketing Officer of Talentia Software, “These new modules meet the growing needs of our customers who want to put employees and customers on an equal footing. It’s no longer enough to have loyal and motivated employees : you need committed and invested employees. Talentia’s new tools on the HRIS promote work flexibility, improve the lives of employees and simplify exchanges. This is in line with the reorganization of work initiated in recent years and accelerated by COVID 19. Employees want to be able to organize their professional and personal lives as they wish and from where they wish. The HR modules meet these new expectations”.