Talentia simplifying the complexity of finance processes

April 17, 2020

Simplify the complexity of finance processes

French software publisher (Finance and HR) for more than 30 years, Talentia Software offers a complete Financial platform for mid-caps. Explanations from Beatrice Piquer, marketing director.

On the Finance part, what challenges do mid-sized­­ companies face?

Mid-sized companies are facing multiple challenges. Organizational challenges with sometimes decentralized structures, multi sites, multi trades, multi activities. Transformation challenges linked to digitalization and to business processes which, on the Finance side, remain empirical and very tedious. For example, the accounting and financial departments continue to use numerous Excel files, which are difficult to maintain and whose quality can be called into question. Mid-caps also face proactive and precise reporting and budgeting challenges. Finally, their information system is still very often fragmented, with fragmented data sources, and sometimes obsolete software solutions. The Finance function must therefore reinvent itself to support the new strategic challenges of their business in favor of an increasingly fine analysis of the results and projections.

How does Talentia respond to these challenges?

The strength of the Talentia Financial Suite solution is to have functional coverage that is unique on the market. Talentia enables finance departments to manage financial management, reporting and analysis, consolidation and closing within a single platform. The set of bricks it offers allows the company to manage its financial performance as accurately as possible by relying on reliable data. All the actors of Finance share in real time the same information, in a secure way with the level of granularity and details desired.

The real subject is this: how to bring Finance and business lines together? How to precisely analyze the current and future financial performance of the company? For this, the solution allows breaking silos not only within the Finance function, but also throughout the organization. Thus, the company can have reliable information at all times, globally, by department and business line for precise management of financial performance.

Talentia is a real tool for optimizing financial, steering and decision-making processes. 

What are you currently working on to meet customer demand?

Our solutions are co-developed with our customers and we are currently working on process automation and dematerialization of financial exchanges. The latter will soon concern all companies and will have a major impact on financial and accounting software solutions. We are also embarking on new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, chatbot and Robotic Process Automation to automate financial processes and go further in simplifying financial complexity.