Talentia renews its HR platform and announces redesigned modules to simplify HR complexity

November 6, 2019

Étude Harris Interactive pour Talentia Software

Paris La Défense, November 07th, 2019

Talentia Software, a publisher of financial and HR management software for mid-sized companies, goes further in managing the complexity of Human Resources by transforming four modules integrated within its HR platform: Recruitment, Organizational Charts, Pay Review and a new Employee Portal.

As the world of work evolves more and more rapidly, Human Resources departments are faced with multidimensional complexity and real challenges related to retaining and engaging their employees, recruiting new talent, optimizing HR processes and digitalizing the HR function.

In the context of decreasing HR complexity, Talentia offers mid-sized companies its modular, comprehensive and integrated HR suite, which provides all the essential building blocks for optimizing HR processes: payroll and personnel administration, recruitment, onboarding, time and activity management, performance and skills, and training and development.

Through automation, artificial intelligence and business intelligence, Talentia’s HR suite streamlines HR processes, eliminates time-consuming tasks and focuses team attention on managing HR activities and supporting your company’s strategic objectives.

The new Talentia HR suite launched in 2018 is now enriched by 4 innovative modules:

1. Talentia Recruitment: a solution to attract talent, select and hiring

Thanks to its recruitment solution, Talentia allows the automation of candidate selection, screening and through to hiring, Talentia Recruitment offers:

  • A complete and innovative solution based on AI and RPA
  • Semantic search of candidates
  • Automatic CV parsing
  • CV sharing – ask for feedback
  • Killer questions
  • Language tests
  • The possibility of conducting interviews by video

2. Talentia’s Charting solution: the intuitive organizational charting tool

Unique on the market, Talentia Charting allows you to create interactive organization charts with up-to-date, real-time data on employees. In addition to being a fast and powerful reporting tool, Talentia’s Charting module offers HR the possibility to test different organizational scenarios before making them public once they have been validated. Ensuring consistency, the information is taken from Talentia’s Core HR and rewired into dynamic Payroll.

3. Talentia Pay Review: a collaborative tool that allows HR and managers to automate and simplify the salary review process 

Talentia Pay review

Talentia Pay Review can be used as a stand-alone tool or integrated with the entire Talentia HR suite, allowing a simple process from planning to notification to the payroll system.

Managers become the main actors in this process. Through a single form, they can review each eligible member of their team, their current salary, performance, recommendations for increases and the proposed increase in performance. They can thus find the right balance between budgetary constraints and policies for engagement and retention of talent.

Workflows simplify the validation and implementation processes in payroll.

4. New Talentia collaboration portal : a powerful employee portal to drive engagement and increase adoption rates.

Talentia’s new collaboration portal offers a new dynamic user experience.

Including a virtual assistant to improve efficiency, shortcuts to external links that can be configured according to the company’s needs and a tailor-made experience.

A dedicated platform for exchanges between HR, the company and its employees, this new portal makes it easy to set up an internal blog, to share information and to drive employee interaction with the solution.