Talentia Recruitment: an innovative solution to easily attract talent, manage the selection process and pre-selection

November 8, 2019

Solution RH en mode SaaS : GEFCO S.A. choisit Talentia Software

The strong competition and scarcity of skills creates a real talent war. Companies must implement real recruitment strategies to be competitive. When you only have one chance to make a first impression, it is essential to optimize the recruitment process to move quickly and offer a great experience to your future employees.

For any company, it is important to be able to quickly identify the right candidates and optimize the information and validation processes between recruitment managers, candidates and managers. Speed is key in any recruitment process.

From sourcing to evaluation, sending an offer and integrating candidates, Talentia Recruitment streamlines the entire recruitment process, automating most of the administrative and redundant tasks associated with recruitment.

Talentia Recruitment is:

  • Attract the right candidates and offer them a consistent and attractive experience.
  • Develop collaboration and information sharing with all persons involved in the recruitment process.
  • Save time on each step and simplify the candidate selection process.
  • Benefit from better visibility by automatically distributing new job offers on various recruitment platforms and social networks.

Reduce hiring and integration delays

Talentia Recruitment’s automatic publication tool allows you to post job offers from the career page on all job platforms and social networks.

By automatically screening candidates and optimizing the entire hiring process, you can increase the performance of your recruitment process and reduce hiring time by 50%.

The advantage of the solution is not only its ability to recruit the best candidates, but also its ability to rank them, thanks to a semantic engine capable of reading job offers, the content of CVs and matching them.

Streamline the recruitment process with automated tasks

1) Selection of candidates

Candidates are listed according to their skills or even distance from the workplace. Talentia recruitment automatically selects the best candidates by automatically identifying the candidates’ skills in relation to the profiles sought by automatically reading CVs and offers.

 2) Employees portal

By integrating an employee portal accessible online, Talentia Recruitment allows companies to improve the experience of employees and candidates and thus the company’s image. Interactions between HRDs and collaborators or candidates are facilitated through chat and interactive Q&A.

 3) Automatic publication

Talentia recruitment allows you to automatically publish offers on recruitment platforms and social networks for better visibility.

4) Video Recruitment

 Candidates can be assessed through skills tests, videos and online questionnaires. This way it is possible to contact more candidates faster.

5) Document management

Talentia Recruitment simplifies administrative management by allowing the company and candidates to share and archive HR documents: CVs, promises, contracts and evaluations, etc. This simplifies communication and shortens the recruitment process.

6) Dashboards

The reporting tools integrated into Talentia Recruitment give HRD the ability to track recruitment activity with one click: number of applications received, processed, number of candidates recruited in relation to objectives, etc.