Talentia People & Organization, the collaborative platform to simplify your staff’s connectivity

December 9, 2019

Version 10.2 de Talentia HCM

In ten years, the number of companies operating on the international scene has increased considerably. Thanks to new technologies, even the smallest companies are developing, collaborating and forging partnerships abroad.

But all this upheaval comes at a price, and has brought enormous challenges but also opportunities. The deeply marked HR functions have had to develop new strategies to manage the complexities of international teams. All this in a context of uncertainty and rapid change.

Improve your company’s communication

Talentia People & Organization is at the heart of a suite of integrated modules. Thanks to his ability to use workflow technologies, he can streamline processes, simplify administration and improve reporting accuracy. Its user interface allows you to access key information quickly and intuitively.

The integrated modular suite offers a flexible, employee-centric solution that improves decision-making.

An all-in-one solution 

With a single, reliable source, HR teams can automate manual processes and eliminate time-consuming tasks to focus on strategic missions for the company. HR functions are improved with AI technology such as chatbot and virtual assistant. Find alerts and notifications to remind you of upcoming tasks. Also benefit from a global view of your organization and plan for growth with the new charting tool. Use existing workflows to adapt to business needs and reduce the risk of inaccuracies with automated processes. HR managers and managers have the ability to create customized reports and analyses, while employees can check their information at any time and submit their various requests (leave, career plans, etc.).

The advantages of Talentia People & Organization

  • Employee Portal: dedicated view with the latest news, links and directories
  • Flexibility: Automation of HR and payroll processes
  • Charting: Interchangeable “Box editor”, scenario planning and printing options
  • OnBoarding: Process for welcoming new recruits into the company
  • Survey: Get information about your company

Local and Global

Companies are subject to frequent changes, which means that the systems that support it in terms of HR strategy must also be able to evolve quickly. Talentia Administration RH’s flexible architecture allows it to be easily adapted to the evolution of these needs, including at the legislative level.

Designed with multi-country configuration tools, the tool is able to automatically provide information according to the company and country of its user.

Integration & Engagement

Ensure that your new recruits have the rapid integration process in place that is adapted to their needs. Talentia People & Organization offers you the possibility to set up specific tasks and activities to be done in stages.

Stimulate everyone’s commitment with the dedicated employee portal that provides a quick and easy way to access their information. This intranet also allows you to share the latest company news, videos, events and other important content.