Talentia: Digitizing The HR Function To Simplify HR Processes

March 23, 2020

Solution RH en mode SaaS : GEFCO S.A. choisit Talentia Software

French software publisher (HR and finance) for more than 30 years, Talentia Software offers a complete HR platform for mid-caps. Interview with Béatrice Piquer, marketing director. Source: Forbes.com

How to effectively respond to the HR challenges of midcaps?

Mid-sized companies must be able to have an integrated and complete platform covering ATM, Payroll and HR. Therein lies the promise of Talentia. Automating certain HR processes means gaining competitiveness. The digital workplace modernizes the working environment and helps motivate and involve employees. The objective is to develop a self-service model to promote flexibility in work, improve the lives of employees, simplify discussions (recruitment requests, expense reports, annual interviews, leave and time management, etc.). In terms of organization, the silos disappear and the HR function is reoriented towards the business functions.

How do you approach the issue of recruitment?

The strong competition and the scarcity of skills generate a real war of talents. Companies must implement real recruiting strategies to be competitive. From the selection of candidates to their integration, Talentia Recruitment streamlines the entire process by automating most of the administrative and redundant tasks associated with recruitment.

Our automated application tracking system (ATS — Automated Tracking System) digitally manages recruitment, applications, selection and assessment process to reduce time and effort and maximize the efficiency and quality of applications. It includes aptitude and language tests, a module for analyzing candidates’ softskills, as well as the possibility of organizing remote interviews. The idea is to shorten and optimize the candidate selection process in order to facilitate decision-making by streamlining decision-making workflows within the organization.

Process automation isn’t just about recruiting …

The entire employee journey and all HR processes can be automated. This concerns, among other things, pay as much in its adaptation to the regulatory principle, as in its timely delivery. The tasks of entering the elements of the salary slip before editing, managing employee files, drawing up declarations of social charges, integrating payroll entries into the account, can be automated to improve the speed of issue and the pay reliability. Automation also concerns leave requests, integration of employees, updating of personal data of employees. It provides dashboards and indicators to monitor HR performance, set up a social report or maximize employee engagement via mobile, flexible, intuitive and collaborative tools. Eminently complex, the management of human resources, the foundation of competitiveness and the creation of business value, can no longer be practiced without a high-performance unified HR platform. The time of “personnel management” in spreadsheets and databases is definitely over.