Talentia supports Mid-Sized companies in the urgent need for digitalisation

October 27, 2020

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Even if it’s hard to hear, it’s a fact: The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted all the dysfunctions of the HR function in mid-sized companies. The non-digitalisation of processes has put the HR function in a very difficult situation. Pay slips, recruitment,  employee communication, management of annual interviews, performance management, etc… or as many processes which today need to be automated and digitalized. The digital workplace is  a reality, and the HR managers of the mid-sized companies faced with the delay in their digitalisation. Now, they must accelerate their transformation. 

Human resources are faced with increasing multidimensional complexity. The current health crisis is only increasing the pressure! Talentia supports Mid-Sized companies in the urgent need for digitalisation. 

The transformation of companies undeniably involves digitalisation for optimise manual, repetitive and time-consuming processes. Digitalisation also means creating this social link with the company, even in a teleworking situation, creating a digital workplace and, above all, maximizing the commitment of employees and their experience in their daily lives. In Europe, according to a Gallup survey, only 30% of  employees are really committed to their company. This is an absolute priority for HR managers. Without commitment, how can we have productive and efficient teleworking where management is based on trust?

The marketing techniques used in relation to the customer experience must be shifted to the employee experience. The symmetry of intentions must be achieved now and quickly. The unprecedented situation we are experiencing requires extreme commitment from employees and the company must be able to support its employees as best it can. To understand their pains, the friction points, those slowing down their productivity and above all what they need to be well and efficient? This requires a particular and individualized attention to each employee and therefore a mastery of the data, the Softskills of each one to set up personalized HR services. The HR department must free itself from “management” tasks in favour of supporting human capital, which is essential to the smooth running and growth of the company.

Talentia’s HR Suite has been designed with this in mind. To offer HR process automation through digitalisation, chatbot, artificial intelligence or robotisation. Enhanced HR management to simplify the HR complexity by enhancing the employee experience. Talentia supports Mid-Sized companies in the urgent need for digitalisation. This is our mission. 

The HR departments of the mid-sized companies must change and quickly. Many obsolete solutions must be replaced, the organisation in the broadest sense and its processes must be rethought to be able to respond of the essential role as a partner in the growth and evolution of the company.

According to a Markess study, HR digitalisation saves time for 74% of the HR managers surveyed. Saving time is the main challenge for all operational functions in companies. The HR department is in the front line of focus, with repetitive, manual processes that often have little added value Personnel administration is the most time-consuming process for 97% of the HR departments. Saving time on these management tasks means being able to focus once again on the Human Capital Management. 

To achieve this objective, there is no other choice than to equip oneself with a complete and efficient HRIS using the latest technologies. Digitalizing pay-slips, expense reports, individual interviews and performance appraisals, automating recruitment management, offering online training, a collaborative workspace for exchanges and sharing, simplifying payroll and employee file management, are just a few examples of what an HR platform can offer to automate and simplify HR processes and maximise the employee experience. HRD, without digitalisation and without overhauling your HR organisation, there is no salvation.

Beatrice Piquer (Find the complete BSMART TV Interview in French)