Talentia adds eIDAS secured electronic signature and electronic document management to its HR platform

May 5, 2021

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Talentia Software adds electronic signature adapted to the eIDAS regulations with several levels of security and electronic document management to its HR platform

HR digitalization is becoming mandatory and HR departments are accelerating their processes’ automation. As a result, the need to offer employees an optimized HR path is growing too.

Based on this observation, Talentia decided to offer, in addition to its simple electronic signature solution, an electronic signature solution adapted to the eIDAS regulations with several possible security levels coupled with electronic document management (EDM) with electronic safe. To make it happen, it has teamed up with Connective (electronic signature) and Peopledoc (EDM and electronic vault).

Talentia’s goal is to go further and offer companies the simplification and digitization of HR administrative tasks, thus avoiding manual and paper-based processes. The processes of recruitment, onboarding, outboarding, Management by Objectives, performance, remuneration and annual interviews are optimized for greater employee satisfaction and improved HR productivity.
Electronic documents are made available to HR in the employee portal. Once there, the employee can easily sign them with value proof. The file then follows a validation process through a defined workflow and, once validated, is automatically available in the employee’s and the company’s electronic vault.

“The search for HR processes’ optimization is accelerating. The electronic signature of HR documents, and more particularly employment contracts, is becoming more widespread and the partnership between Connective and Talentia is part of this approach. Offering seamless document management on our HR platform, integrated into the processes and including electronic signature with value proof, is essential to optimize the employee experience. We chose Connective because we were looking for an electronic signature solution compliant with national and international regulations (eIDAS, GDPR, UETA, eSIGN Act, …), that is easy to implement, white-label and intuitive for users. Connective was the only solution to meet all these criteria. We were already offering a simple signature on our HR portal but more and more HR leaders were asking us for an electronic signature with a legal value. The value of the electronic signature in speeding up the signing of contracts, making candidates more secure and improving the employer’s image is no longer in question, but many companies have not yet taken this step. As far as the EDM and electronic safe are concerned, we were a partner of Peopledoc on the digitization of payslips, so we naturally decided to interface their EDM and electronic safe with our platform to complete the employees’ digital experience. » Béatrice Piquer, Chief Marketing Officer at Talentia Software, explains.

In the current health context, it is important to be able to provide dematerialization or paper-to-digital transition solutions to companies and the combination of Connective and Talentia solutions makes this possible. We are delighted that a player like Talentia has chosen our solutions to integrate them into its HR platform,” said Clément Savoie, Head of Customer Success at Connective.