Take back control of your human capital

August 9, 2019

Un partenariat entre Talentia et Libellula Project, le premier réseau d'entreprises à mettre fin à la violence contre les femmes

Actually, human capital management software is an essential tool for human resources management. These increasingly complete solutions bring together all the tasks that are the responsibility of the HR function.

Human capital management, a complex and delicate task

The company’s human capital refers to all its employees. Generally, its management is the responsibility of the human resources department, however, the administration of a company’s personnel is not an easy task. It includes operations concerning all employees on the one hand, and cases that must be monitored individually. The work is all the more tedious if the company has many employees whose payroll, leave and other elements to be taken into account for salary management are very different.

Why use human capital management software?

The use of human capital management software is a way to simplify all tasks related to the overall management of the company’s workforce. This type of tool includes many features that automate most operations such as individual tracking of leave, absence or payroll, etc., save time in performing these tasks and reduce the risk of error.

Human capital management software : A Covering the employee’s life cycle

A global HR management solution takes care of all the tasks assigned to personnel administration managers, from the hiring of an employee to his or her departure from the company. This provides them with the tools to effectively manage all phases of the employee’s life cycle : staffing, time management and planning, payroll, administration and talent management.

This modular software is designed to assist the HR function to develop a strong corporate culture by retaining, supporting and motivating each employee. It also makes it easy to identify the best talents and to support those in difficulty in a personalized way. The software becomes a key factor in the company’s performance.

Develop your human capital with Talentia HR Suite

To help Human Resources professionals succeed in their missions, Talentia Software offers its Talentia HR Suite human capital management software. An integrated and modular solution, it offers a complete range of tools to help you achieve your objectives.

With Talentia HR Suite, you have a complete solution that integrates modules covering the employee’s life cycle within the company :

  • A contract management solution designed to facilitate the administrative follow-up of contracts in their entirety : automated editions, follow-up of the various deadlines, drafting of contracts in standard and customizable…
  • A solution for managing the wage bill and budget preparation
  • A time and activity management solution to optimize employee work organization
  • A resource optimization and planning solution that meets the needs of dynamic personnel management
  • An occupational health and safety solution : management of work accidents and occupational diseases, assessment and prevention of occupational risks, prevention of strenuousness at work
  • An HR decision-making solution that provides excellent visibility on human capital and a single data repository that benefits all stakeholders
  • An administrative management solution : garnishment, medical examinations, retirement provision, senior management…

Your solution can also include a collaborative portal accessible to managers and employees as well as a solution for managing social data.