Core HR: Local and global analysis of HR management

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Home › Blog In order to respond to the current challenges faced by HR managers, it is important to have a seamless communication and management tool to unify and centralize all the organization’s data. Often, professionals spend too much time analyzing a huge amount of data about their employees and neglect what is really important: talent […]

Talentia Software and Arca24 joining forces to improve the recruitment process

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Home › Newsroom › Press Releases The partnership between the two companies aims to digitalize and integrate the recruiting process into a trusted enterprise HCM platform Talentia Software, a leading developer of HR and financial management solutions for midsize companies, announces a technology partnership with Arca 24, HR Factory. The objective is to focus on […]

The importance of the HR analytics for HR processes

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Home › Blog HR analytics enable the HR function to optimize, cross-reference and exploit a large amount of precise data, provided by all the company’s information systems, in order to better understand and anticipate social and human trends and to take strategic decisions for the company. In 2018, 58% of the managers consulted by Markess […]

Ensuring the HR performance requires a complete HCM solution

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Home › Blog The Covid-19 crisis is currently pushing the digitalisation of the HR function to the top of the priority list. In fact, a recent Aberdeen Study highlights the importance for companies to implement a complete Human Capital Management (HCM) solution. Today’s HRDs are confronted with multi-dimensional and exponential complexity. This complexity, therefore, concerns […]

Talentia supports Mid-Sized companies in the urgent need for digitalisation

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Home › Blog Even if it’s hard to hear, it’s a fact: The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted all the dysfunctions of the HR function in mid-sized companies. The non-digitalisation of processes has put the HR function in a very difficult situation. Pay slips, recruitment,  employee communication, management of annual interviews, performance management, etc… or as […]

COVID-19 repositioned the HR function

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Home › Blog The HR function is currently under great pressure due to the impact caused by COVID-19.  With actions and quick decisions needed to be taken immediately as well as adapting to the new way work, it’s been a challenging time for most to say the least. The complexity in the HR team have […]

Covid-19: The need to implement a HRIS for companies

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Home › Blog The Covid-19 crisis continues to shake up the professional world and the complexity of human resources management is only reinforced by it. Faced with this, digital advances are accelerating and a multitude of applications and HRISs are designed to make life easier for HR teams and employees.  It’s a fact, we are […]

How automation has a strategic impact on HR

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Home › Blog Today, automation has a strategic impact on the various HR processes. Among those most often mentioned by HR managers, let’s mention: Payroll management for 82% of entries. In this process, the system allows you to save time but drastically limits the number of data entry errors, errors that can have significant negative consequences […]

Talentia Software completes its HRIS with three new modules

Home › Newsroom › Press Releases Social & Collaboration, Virtual Assistant, and Performance Management are the three new HR modules that join Talentia’s HRIS portal to enhance the employee experience. Nearly two-thirds of HR decision-makers expect HR process automation to simplify the employee’s daily life (Markess study – 2020). Talentia’s HRIS with its HR modules allows HR managers to (re)connect with […]