The CFO of tomorrow and new jobs in financial function

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Home › Blog Digital transformation in becoming more urgent for companies. The finance function is at the forefront of these transformations, and that is why, Finance Departments are learning to reinvent themselves to adapt to this new uncertain environment. A Markess study looks back at the key trends in finance department digitalization, the new jobs […]

This is going to be a very digital festive season

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Home › Blog At the end of the 19th century, Festive season began to be celebrated massively. Since then, many are the changes and advances that have been emerging to transform these holidays exponentially. For example, years after the Edison presented the first light bulb that worked 48 hours in a row (1879), the bulbs […]

Digital, a springboard for the performance of the Financial function

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Home › Blog Running a business nowadays seems unrelated to the way people did it over the last century. In the past, long-term strategies were built and deployed without any change in approach. This vision no longer works: companies must constantly reinvent themselves and anticipate the next moves to be made. The reason? The increasingly […]

HR Automation, disparate investments and budgets

Home › Blog Generally speaking, budgets dedicated to the automation of HR processes are moderate and also, in fact, nuance the importance expressed by HR decision-makers on the subject. Indeed, the study conducted by Markess by exaegis at the end of the health crisis indicates that only 37% of HR managers consider the budget allocated on the […]

HR Automation, a key issue for companies

Home › Blog For several years now, the automation of the HR function (which consists of automating actions through the use of algorithms or robots requiring no or only partial human intervention) has been a proven trend. This concept should be correlated with the digitization of HR processes, which aims to optimize the processes of a […]

The digital at the service of the employee experience

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Home › Blog Thanks to digital technology, human resources can now respond to the major issue of employee loyalty.  According to Markess, only 32% of the HR managers surveyed consider that they have acquired these types of skills that will enable them to guarantee the company an e-reputation and a reliable employer brand. 40% of […]

The digital transformation of the company requires the HR transformation


Home › Blog Digitalisation, which was introduced through marketing to optimise customer relations, has gradually spread to all levels of the company: from manufacturing to purchasing, production and logistics. In the digital age, customers who have become kings expect exclusive offers at increasingly competitive prices. In the same way in companies, the HR function must […]

HR processes impacted by Artificial Intelligence

Home › Blog HR processes are clearly impacted by the arrival of new technologies : digital, robotization and Artificial intelligence changes that have led processes such as recruitment and personnel management to reinvent themselves. The disciplinary matrix is thus in full evolution and all the beliefs, values and techniques shared by members of the HR community […]

Innovation and well-being at work: the perfect couple?

Home › Blog In two decades, the companies have been profoundly transformed by the arrival of digital technology and its tools. By abolishing borders, reducing distances and accelerating time, the organization of work has been totally destabilized. As the digital wave continues to grow, the need to innovate to maintain productivity is now essential for […]

Can we still recruit “old-school” in the digital age ?

Home › Blog Today, there is a real paradox between the difficulties candidates have in finding a job and the difficulties companies have in recruiting. These are undergoing many transformations and the HR function has never been more important to their success. Recruitment is therefore becoming more strategic than ever and requires human resources to […]