This is going to be a very digital festive season

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Home › Blog At the end of the 19th century, Festive season began to be celebrated massively. Since then, many are the changes and advances that have been emerging to transform these holidays exponentially. For example, years after the Edison presented the first light bulb that worked 48 hours in a row (1879), the bulbs […]

COVID-19 repositioned the HR function

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Home › Blog The HR function is currently under great pressure due to the impact caused by COVID-19.  With actions and quick decisions needed to be taken immediately as well as adapting to the new way work, it’s been a challenging time for most to say the least. The complexity in the HR team have […]

Digital Finance Lab: Managing (new) risks, a major challenge for CFOs


Home › Blog The Digital Finance Lab is an idea laboratory, a confidential and restricted space for sharing experiences, visions and convictions between peers. During the Digital Finance Lab, discussions focused on the management of new risks for CFOs. They constitute the greatest challenges.  Covid-19 exacerbates risks The Covid-19 crisis has raised new risks by […]

Covid-19: The need to implement a HRIS for companies

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Home › Blog The Covid-19 crisis continues to shake up the professional world and the complexity of human resources management is only reinforced by it. Faced with this, digital advances are accelerating and a multitude of applications and HRISs are designed to make life easier for HR teams and employees.  It’s a fact, we are […]

The place of Artificial intelligence in HR Automation

Artificial intelligence and HR Automation

Home › Blog In 2018, before the health crisis, 95% of the HR managers consulted by Markess by exaegis had heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI) but only 17% really intended to invest in the subject, looking at it with a little mistrust. Today for HR managers, the question of the place of Artificial Intelligence in […]

How to ensure your accounting and financial information quality?


Home › Blog Business management acquires greater complexity in this stage of adaptation to the ‘next normal’ in the heart of the coronavirus crisis. Now more than ever, financial departments need a complete vision. For this purpose, it is essential to ensure your accounting and financial information quality.  The current complexity and lack of certainty challenge the […]

Digital Onboarding: a priority for businesses in a Pandemic Time

Digital Onboarding – Talentia Software – HR Solutions

Home › Blog The business reality in the next normal, with the background of the COVID-19, is significantly transforming the management of people. Many of the processes involved in talent acquisition are taking place in digital contexts at a very fast pace. Therefore, having the tools – such as Talentia Onboarding – that help us […]

How to combine Employee Commitment and Covid-19 ?

Home › Blog Although the issue of employee commitment is not new, the Covid-19 crisis puts more than ever the HR decision-makers at the heart of the problem. From now on, companies must apprehend digital innovations to attract and retain their talents. At the beginning of the crisis, the context of containment highlighted the importance […]

A budget elaboration under the influence of Covid-19

Home › Blog Budget elaboration for 2021 accounting exercise will be difficult for all companies due to the unprecedented level of uncertainty associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic occurred at a time when most companies were just beginning to execute their 2020 budgets. Since then, companies have not stopped adapting, reviewing their landings […]

Consolidation and reporting & Covid-19: what impacts on the publication of my company ?

Home › Blog It’s sure that the health crisis linked to Covid-19 will have a strong impact on the financial statements for the years ending December 31, 2019 and on those ending afterwards. Here are the impact and recommendations of the consequences on the consolidation and reporting of the financial statements. Consolidation & reporting and […]