Rethinking the Finance Function with a focus on optimizing results

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Home › Blog The international crisis may historically change the business management model and the vision of the future. An exercise full of challenges for financial management that calls for such a long-term vision now begins. In order to make strategic decisions, it is necessary to analyze the business situation and monitor budgets based on […]

The CFO of tomorrow and new jobs in financial function

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Home › Blog Digital transformation in becoming more urgent for companies. The finance function is at the forefront of these transformations, and that is why, Finance Departments are learning to reinvent themselves to adapt to this new uncertain environment. A Markess study looks back at the key trends in finance department digitalization, the new jobs […]

Digital Finance Lab: Managing (new) risks, a major challenge for CFOs


Home › Blog The Digital Finance Lab is an idea laboratory, a confidential and restricted space for sharing experiences, visions and convictions between peers. During the Digital Finance Lab, discussions focused on the management of new risks for CFOs. They constitute the greatest challenges.  Covid-19 exacerbates risks The Covid-19 crisis has raised new risks by […]

THE CFO : Keystone of the recovery with the data management

Home › Blog The economic analysis institute Rexecode carried out a study at the end of April on the population of TWAs and large companies. It found that the vast majority of them had managed to preserve their liquidity thanks to the banks’ willingness to be accommodating to their long-standing partners by agreeing to extend […]

The cloud and its benefits for the CFOs during containment

Home › Blog Accounting is one of the most time-consuming and burdensome tasks of the finance manager. Yet it is a crucial operation to ensure the smooth running of the department and the whole company. Fortunately, with the evolution of technology and the Cloud, there are now software solutions available that make bookkeeping easier and […]

The place of the CFO in the COVID-19 crisis in medium-size companies

Home › Blog CFOs, a function undergoing major changes and now having to face up to the crisis Digitalisation is an important success factor in crisis management. Companies that had already digitalized certain HR functions such as pay slips or the signing of employment contracts are now at an advantage and the gap is widening […]

The key skills of the Chief Financial Officer for 2020

Home › Blog In recent years, the job of CFO has undergone a major transformation in companies. Like other services, these missions tend to be fully in line with the digitalization of information systems and particularly automation. Essential for the value of the company, its influence must be a facilitator in the search for growth […]