Software editors revolutionize their models

March 9, 2020

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Software editors revolutionize their models: A study by Alliancy and AWE with the participation of Talentia Software

Automation, data, and digital prospecting are all terms that are used daily by software publishers, and for good reason. A recent study by Alliancy and AWE gives the floor to various market experts who have not hesitated to unveil their strategies to fully enter the era of the cloud, data and SaaS. Among them, Béatrice Piquer, CMO of Talentia Software, a publisher of software for digitalizing HR and finance functions for medium-sized companies.

In recent years, the cloud has profoundly changed the vision of software publishers. Whether in a business approach or in the way they consume digital, the share of the corporate budget devoted to the cloud has doubled since 2017 while the SaaS model has become the inevitable gondola head among publishers according to the Alliancy and AWE study. According to the 13th Barometer of Cloud Computing Providers by Markess by Exaegis, the cloud market grew by 20% in 2019.

Profound changes in marketing and sales functions

This is a great opportunity for software publishers who need to rethink their business model and organization to take full advantage of it. This profound transformation has led to a profound shift in marketing and sales functions. Within the company, actions to be implemented are necessary to avoid disappointments.

First of all, change its customer approach and orient it towards “needs”. For Béatrice Piquer: “The first fundamental trend is based on a very pragmatic marketing approach, which consists in asking our customers about their problems. What require do we meet? When will this need be expressed? How can our solution respond to it? The roadmap is no longer built by the publisher but in focus group mode in conjunction with customers and product management to work together to solve the problems identified”.

The user experience at the heart of customer relations

But the work doesn’t stop there, it’s a question of learning how to better accompany your client. “It’s a priority for our company. Each department is involved in the satisfaction of our customers. Like any SaaS publisher, satisfaction and use of softwares are key, and we have set up a CSM (Customer Success Management) team dedicated to supporting our customers. In this technology, the user experience is fundamental. It involves the relationship created with the publisher from one end of the value chain to the other (from the initial contact through billing, collection to support and end-of-life management), the service received, the support and the use of the solutions’ simplicity. Cycles are getting shorter and shorter; you have to continually put yourself in test and learn mode to reinvent yourself. ” said Béatrice Piquer.