Rethink Career Planning Models to Ensure Your Company’s Growth and Future

July 14, 2023

In today’s evolving business world, companies are reconsidering traditional approaches in many different areas. To stay ahead of the curve, the most beneficial and essential step for your organization’s success will be to retain your existing talent. Career planning is the process of aligning opportunities for an employee’s growth with organizational talent priorities. The primary focus of this model is to define goals clearly and identify the skills an employee must gain to achieve them. 

In this article, you will learn five ways to rethink career planning and promote future growth with tips from Talentia. 

1. Unlock your team’s potential

A simple way for your organization to differentiate itself from the competition is to invest in your employees’ career development. Each team member possesses the drive and ambition to perform their duties. However, it is the manager’s job to provide the necessary support and guidance to achieve this goal. Map out essential skills and abilities for the company’s long-term viability and growth. 

2. Identify and manage key roles

When changing to a non-traditional career planning model, keep the entire employee life cycle in mind. This will help you better manage, motivate and retain your staff in the long run. Make informed decisions by effectively organizing the skills, competencies and performance metrics needed for each job role. Anticipate staff departures and identify their successors to help devise career plans that are in line with both individual and collective goals. 

3. Empower talent to grow

One of the best ways to motivate your employees to grow is to determine their strengths and career planning needs. Once their skills and expectations are defined, support each team member’s progress and evolution. Encourage supervisors to have periodic career discussions with staff members to ensure they are staying on track with their goals. 

When workers are empowered, they can experience: 

  • Improved employee satisfaction with their career and life. 
  • Increased expectations for future career satisfaction. 
  • Reduced stress. 
  • Continual development of skills. 
  • Enhanced sense of value to the organization.

4. Implement an effective rewards system to motivate talent

Employees are more likely to stay with organizations that are seen as “talent-friendly” and progressive. This means that companies with leading-edge work environments and people-first practices are more attractive. Another way you can motivate your team is to introduce an effective rewards system. Recognize top performers by trying one or a mix of the following types of programs: 

  • Monetary rewards 
  • Performance assessment achievements 
  • Social recognition 
  • Points-based system 

5. Discover tailor-made career development software

Talentia supports HR directors in all aspects of HR management. Our careers module is the career development software that enables you to find the ideal person for the right job in a timely manner. With the talent management and succession tools, you will have all the necessary insights to identify your employees’ potential and allow you to make smart decisions. Customize your experience by adding employee responsibility for planning, organizing and controlling tasks of each job role. 


If you are looking to upgrade or replace your HCM software, learn what Talentia has to offer your organization and help your team stay on track with their career planning goals as well as reach their potential.