Restarting companies’ transformation in 2021

February 1, 2021

The pandemic scrambled digital transformation plans across all sectors. For some businesses, it proved to be a catalyst. But those enterprises whose ambitious roadmaps stalled must be restarting their transformation in 2021 or risk facing a competitive disadvantage.

Now that the world has lived with Covid for almost a year, it’s clear that many of the changes adopted out of necessity are going to endure. Employees increasingly favor a hybrid home-office work culture. Companies can save big money on office space. And less commuting is better for the environment.

Over the past year, proactive companies have reaped the benefits of transformation. They meet more frequently with customers and partners over video rather than taking those classic time-consuming business trips. Re-engaging with digital transformation could bring widespread benefits across operations by creating new value, attracting new employees, becoming more agile, bringing greater efficiency to supply chains, making real-time decisions, and adopting a more data-driven culture.

Finally,  this crisis provides an opportunity for executives to demonstrate leadership with ambitious digital plans that reassure employees and partners that the company has a bold plan for digitization. Rather than constantly reacting to the latest turmoil, the most successful executives will be those whose digital playbook lays out a clear-eyed vision for thriving in an increasingly connected and virtual world.

At Talentia, we believe it is every company’s responsibility to lead toward progress and make an impact. We have decided to create this new online magazine to guide companies toward a more digital future. In doing so, we hope to provide them with our sharpest business acumen and useful, leverageable info. Hoping to foster progress. Hoping to foster transformation. Welcome to Transform to Perform.

Pierre Polette
CEO, Talentia

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Growth Digitalization has been a lever for resilience during the pandemic. Now that the world is moving toward the end of it, it will also act as a lever for economic recovery.