Talent-centric HR strategies for 2022 – The Rise of Talent & People Success

The COVID-19 pandemic forced 93% of organisations to adjust their HR strategies. And these changes will be lasting, for the vast majority of the companies. So, the pandemic significantly impacted where and how people work. Remote and hybrid working are now the reality for most desk-based workers. Yet, the HR challenges don’t stop there, with organisations facing an explosive cocktail of disruption that requires organisations to be more adaptable, more flexible, and more forward-thinking ever before.

As a result, many organisations are rethinking their traditional approaches to talent management and are looking to implement talent-centric HR strategies. The goal is to emphasize talent and people success. So, this is leading many to reconsider HR technology stacks that are less well suited to supporting these new approaches.

“Talent-centric HR strategies”, White Paper elaborated with Fosway

In this Viewpoint Paper, produced in association with Fosway Group, we discuss what you need to know about talent-centric HR strategies, and the rise of a new approach to talent management – Talent & People Success (TPS).

The six lowest rated HR experiences

The six lowest rated HR experiences

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