Controllers; Consolidation and financial reporting

This “Controllers; Consolidation and financial reporting” survey’s goal is to review trends in finance teams regarding financial and management reporting. 

At Talentia we performed a really interesting survey to get a pulse on: Financial and management reporting.

This survey of finance professionals, including a high percentage of Controllers, garnered over 500 individual responses. Over 80% of these answers are coming from North America. The survey aims to review trends in finance teams in the preparation of reporting including consolidation, preparing financial statements and management reporting.

We launched a total of six questions to review:

  • How these process are achieved,
  • Which are the needed resources,
  • What is the average of time taken,
  • Which are the Costs,
  • And which are the main trends right now.

Some Key Results for the Controllers Survey 

Elaborating this survey, we gleaned some fascinating insights. For example:  

  • 86% of finance teams work extra hours to meet month end reporting requirements.
  • Over 50 % use Excel to close the books rather than a best of breed solution. 


Controllers Survey Report

Download this survey report to know more about the current situation finance teams are facing to deliver financial and management reporting. 


Download the Survey