SPARK Matrix for Talent Management Application by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Manage properly the talent became more important than ever. COVID-19 completely changed the way we work. That is why managers and the tools they use have to be adapted to this new way of work. 

Now, companies have to adapt their talent management approach to stay competitive in their markets and HR Solutions are becoming rapidly more and more popular. 

Quadrant SPARK Matrix™ for Talent Management Application

The market of HR and Talent Solutions is evolving very fast to make sure the existing tools respond the new needs companies have after the COVID arrival. 

The SPARK Knowledge Solutions Quadrant SPARK Matrix™ gives a comparative benchmarking and ranking of the leading talent management solution vendors. They just launched their 2022 report. And, in this 2022 report, Talentia Software has been included for the first time. 

Why? Because of all the benefits you can get with Talentia HCM Solution: 

  • Develop your companies’ goals and strategic planning.
  • Encourage and Develop Employees.
  • Improve Engagement and Collaboration.
  • Retain Top Talent.

Download this Knowledge Report to access the analyst profile on Talentia, which was recognized as a leader in Talent Management Technology.


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