Renewed HR data approach with Talentia Core HR

July 12, 2018

Solution RH en mode SaaS : GEFCO S.A. choisit Talentia Software

Talentia Software adopts a new approach to enabling HR with Talentia Core HR, the system that mitigates organizations’ internal boundaries and supports clients on their growth path

Talentia Software, a business software solutions vendor specializing in Financial Performance and Human Capital Management, announces the launch of its Talentia Core HR platform. This newly launched system combines centralized HR data management and future-proof organizational agility by providing a comprehensive, collaborative ecosystem. Putting the technological capability of SaaS and the Cloud to work for a company’s HR data and processes, Talentia Software has created an agile system, catering to employees, managers, and HR. Spotlight on the platform that puts an end to the headache of time-consuming manual labor and situations “piling up”!

The backbone of a company’s HR data

Talentia Core HR brings a breath of fresh air to the in-house management of human resources data due to a flexible structure that is easy to use and compatible with third-party systems.

The application foundation, allowing flexible and collaborative management of all HR processes, facilitates the management of data, both at a global and local level. The platform is the backbone of an ecosystem, able to centralize different sources such as HRIS, Payroll or Talent Management, to provide a clear view of the workforce in real-time.

Talentia Core HR: the HR system for collaborative and agile businesses

Talentia Core HR supports the strategy of organizations and HR departments by allowing the simulation of change and adapting accordingly. Employee Self-Service, Manager Self-Service, and HR administration is flexible and ensures that an organization’s corporate strategy can be implemented in line with global and local requirements, yet allowing for a short path to active use of the system.

With increased visibility over their entire workforce, HR departments can conduct predictive analysis and optimize the management of their talent in a secure, GDPR-compliant environment.

Talentia Core HR reinforces employee and manager engagement by setting up personalized self-service systems and a natively embedded “HR Store”, using innovative and accessible e-services across devices. Users can easily take control of the management of their careers and teams.

This platform gives HR teams a renewed sense of their mission. They can focus on the core responsibilities of their role, due to Talentia Core HR enabling them to transform and manage their processes in a self-sufficient and collaborative way.

The Key Features of Talentia Core HR include:

A platform that can be adapted to any organization

Centralization of all HR data repositories for a consolidated view of the workforce in real-time

An overall view of data, taking account of specific local features and needs

Flexible administrative management linked to Payroll, Talent Management, Absence Management as well as advanced capabilities for process configuration

Contextual and cross-functional analysis for managing, measuring and adjusting the deployment of HR and payroll policies

Personalized self-service systems to ensure the engagement and accountability of managers/employees through the HR e-services (“HR Store”)

Secure environment guaranteeing that data is controlled, traceable and reliable, and the protection of personal data in the framework of the GDPR

Native integration with Talentia Software HCM and Payroll solutions, and options to interface with third-party systems

“Talent management and the conversion of skills will be key elements in the competitiveness battle in the coming years. There is an ever-increasing amount of data, bringing its share of daily problems when it is not centralized but dispersed between entities, departments, modules, and countries. The time involved is sometimes considerable for HR departments, which can no longer perform their primary mission of managing the company’s talent in the best possible way. We designed Talentia Core HR specifically to respond to the current challenges and anticipate the needs of future HR departments by providing a tool that is fluid and standardizes and centralizes all a company’s data, with flexibility and responsiveness in real-time. By transforming the user experience and giving the power of data back to HR departments and employees, we have increased their capacity to engage, contribute and innovate. At the same time, we combine the company’s overall strategy with specific local circumstances, while adhering to safety and compliance regulations,” says Viviane Chaine-Ribeiro, President of Talentia Software.

“Talentia Core HR is the result of 3 years of investment in R&D and marks our technological development, our commitment to SaaS and Cloud technologies and our desire to provide the most advanced HR data management system on the market by deploying a comprehensive and collaborative HR ecosystem,” concludes Viviane Chaine-Ribeiro.