PwC relies on Talentia Software to provide their clients with a complete Accounting Review SaaS offer

May 22, 2019

Talentia Financial Suite, la finance est une question de logique

As a major player in the consulting, audit and accounting markets, PwC called on Talentia Software, a software publisher specializing in financial performance and human capital management. The objective: to offer their clients a complete accounting and auditing solution. Accessible on SaaS, Talentia’s tools modernize PwC’s existing accounting expertise offer, which supports companies in the total or partial outsourcing of their accounting activities.  

Supporting their clients throughout the company’s lifecycle, from strategy to execution, PwC offers them a global accounting outsourcing solution thanks to its accounting expertise division, in order to gain flexibility and security (flows and reporting’ dematerialization, etc.). This collaborative solution benefits from the experience of some 650 PwC employees and is aimed mainly at large groups, IT companies, SMEs and public organizations.

PwC turned to Talentia Software’s solutions, accessible on SaaS, in order to meet the crucial challenges of digital transformation. In other words, to offer more functionalities and facilitate access to its customers and teams, in real-time and from various terminals to the control accounting and accounting revision tools.

A solution that combines PwC’s business experience with Talentia Software’s technology

PwC chose Talentia Accounting and Talentia Accounting Review tools in SaaS mode, solutions that meet the highest standards on the market in terms of functional scope, ease of use and security: accounting, dematerialization of flows, accounting audit, management control, and financial performance.

“PwC can thus go beyond the production and availability of figures, to make it easier for their clients’ processes automation (building dashboards, for example). This is essential to have a real collaborative dimension within their internal teams and to have an unprecedented ability to analyze and simulate indicators for reliable projections.” explains Xavier Daguzan, Managing Director France of Talentia Software.

By combining this technological and functional power with its experts, PwC now offers its clients a complete solution within its accounting expertise division. This new offer will be the subject of new investments in the coming months, to be developed and adapted to new strategic sectors for PwC.

“Talentia Software’s SaaS solutions perfectly meet our business challenges. With these tools, we now offer 360° expertise, capable of providing customized analysis and highly automated processes, while enabling a new customer experience.” commented Fabrice Barbier, Partner at PwC.