Press Review: Why HR chiefs must rethink talent management after Covid-19

February 17, 2021

The pandemic has forced companies to rethink their global supply chains. But have they given the same attention to adapting their talent management after covid? Kevin Martin, chief research officer at the Institute for Corporate Productivity, worries they have not. Writing in the Financial Times, Martin outlines 4 key ways organizations have responded to ensure they have the right talent and knowledge.

Martin begins by suggesting 3 critical questions organizations must ask themselves to develop the “fluidity” needed to adapt:

  • What skillsets and mindsets do they need?
  • How can they change their current mix of employees to meet future challenges?
  • And where will they find critical talent if essential employees can’t or won’t return to work?

To address these questions, successful companies start by developing a better understanding of their existing talent and internal knowledge base. Because forecasting is fundamental, companies must embrace technologies, including AI, and methods that allow them to continually adapt the outlook for needed talent based on shifting real-time data. These efforts should be complemented by internal mechanisms that allow employers to match employee’s skills to new jobs. And finally, leaders should study other companies that have adopted unique practices to build their talent base.

Our intake on the topic: The pandemic has made it clear that greater flexibility is essential to building and maintaining the right mix of talent. Companies must pursue digital transformation, create greater HR agility, and evolve processes by modernizing their software. More than just guarding against risk, such an approach is crucial to making sure a company remains agile and innovative in the face of unexpected disruptions to its business.

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