Ongoing review: financial departments new modus operandi

January 19, 2021

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The CFO has to make great efforts to adapt Finance with this continuously changing environment. They need speed and precision for their rolling forecasts using a wide range of scenarios. 

Ongoing Review of Finance in Times of Uncertainty

In addition to flexibility and adaptability, the circumstances have reinforced the strategic role of Finance. CFOs have support CEOs and strategy execution. This is expressed by various experts and managers in the benchmark survey of the report The CFO of the future, published in September 2020. 1,152 members of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) and CFOs and CEOs from 150 countries participated.  

They emphasize that the crisis has pushed the CFO to evolve into a value-generating role for their organization. Agility, broad understanding of the business and competitiveness are now mandatory to excel in Finance . 

Aligning management requirements, agility and strategy, can only be achieved if CFOs have the right tools to take quick right decisions. These tools allow CFOs to align budget and forecast in real time according to real situation. As the pandemic evolves, it is anticipated FY 2021 Finance Function will have to adapt and do rolling forecast based on real time achievements and external situations. 

Talentia, software enabling finance digitalization for informed decision-making

Talentia Financial Suite is the tool allowing CFOs and Budget Managers to bring into effect a permanent and agile review of the financial reality. With Talentias Financial Suite, CFOs optimize their finance processes for more business efficiency and growth expectation support. Whatever the companys complexity.  

With our Corporate Performance Management software, users with different roles in the company share the same information in real time and collaborate to align finance with business needs and view. The dashboards, KPIs and simulations can be adapted according to the profile and needs of each one. 

In this way, Talentia Financial Suite produces more accurate forecasts, facilitating decisions making aligned with Companys growth expectations and strategy.  

Talentia’s support to sustainable business growth

The international air quality specialist group Igienair decided to rely on Talentia’s financial management software to drive its growth. Thanks to Talentia Financial Suite: 

  • They have digitalized their Finance Department. 
  • They simplified financial processes management. 
  • They have a single reference system for reporting. 
  • They centrally manage finance of all their offices. 


In short, Talentia makes it easier for CFOs to make quick financial decisions. Talentia Finance is a complete accounting and financial management software solution that enables finance departments to effectively support the growth of their companies.  

Talentia Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is a global platform for real time financial reporting, business analysis, budgeting process, forecasting, consolidation & close. Talentia CPM makes information more reliable, increases team productivity and improves decision-making processes.