How to Build a Successful Remote Onboarding Process

February 18, 2023

In the last decade, the rise of remote and hybrid teams has dominated the headlines worldwide. In fact, a Gallup survey published in June 2022 found that five in 10 workers are working hybrid while three in 10 are working fully remotely. This leaves companies with the task of preparing to digitize and support smoother new employee transitions into their work cultures. How to onboard remote workers while creating an engaging and effective onboarding experience may seem difficult at first. Nevertheless, you can deliver the best first impression and company experience to ensure new hires a successful future with tips from Talentia.

5 Tips to create a successful onboarding process even remotely

1. Establish open lines of communication

Starting a new job, whether in person or remotely can be a bit of a stressful time both for the employer and new employee. The new hire especially wants to make a good first impression, but they also want to form connections—both with their organization and new coworkers in general. That is why it is important for HR to closely engage with new colleagues and keep the lines of communication open all throughout the onboarding process. When new remote hires know they can contact their manager or fellow coworkers during any part of the transition, they will feel reassured and ready to do their best work.

2. Prepare all the necessary equipment in advance

One of the potential downsides to working remotely is that remote staff will simply not be able to make in-person visits to different departments whenever there is a problem. On the contrary, many department heads and employees are more open to scheduling quick phone or video calls and almost everyone will be prompt to respond to emails and IM messages. A way a manager can avoid potential start-up snags is to make sure all the new hire equipment is ready and all software is properly installed. Some essential hardware may include: laptops, tablets, headsets, mice and keyboards.

3. Personalize the onboarding experience

Much of the remote onboarding process may feel impersonal because it will be done from a distance and digitally. It does not have to be that way for your own company’s onboarding experience and how to onboard your new remote workers. With HR onboarding software, HR staff will be able to configure different onboarding paths for specific employees. Find ways to help teams feel engaged even before and during the early stages. Scheduling virtual coffee breaks, lunches or afterwork drinks can help promote communication within teams. These will not of course replace in-person meetings, but a little personal connection can be a huge help!


4. Organize training sessions and tools

Since remote and hybrid teams are still a novelty in the modern workforce, not everyone is used to working in this way. This is why it is usually a good idea to ask new employees how familiar and comfortable they are with meeting tools such as Google Meet, Zoom, Slack, among others before their first day. Incorporate other activities such as e-learning and micro-trainings. Organize training sessions with all new hires beforehand to make sure they can attend and create guidelines to explain their department’s most important functions of the tools they will use.

5. Implement continuous engagement

Last but not least, set up continuous engagement between HR managers, employers and recently hired employees. Despite the physical distance between members of the organizations, there is a lot happening in the first few days for a new hire. Being available to answer questions and responding quickly are two key ways to maintain engagement.

Remote onboarding, while challenging, does not have to be a difficult task. With Talentia, you can help new hires feel welcome and create connections with their team immediately. You will be able to connect teams, put faces to names and build a successful onboarding process even from a distance.

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