Mutualité de la Réunion Group adopts Talentia’s CPM Solution

March 12, 2020

función financiera - ciberseguridad

With Talentia Software, Mutualité de la Réunion Group has reduced its annual accounting closing time by a factor of 4, while making it secure and reliable.

Confronted with annual accounting closing procedures that were much too long (100 days!), the Groupe Mutualité de la Réunion did not produce the economic indicators that were sufficient and necessary for the efficient management of the company. To address this issue, the Finance Department of Groupe Mutualité de la Réunion deployed Talentia Software’s Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution.

The project involved 12 legal entities and 12 different charts of accounts. At the start of the project, there was a large amount of data to justify, a multitude of Excel spreadsheets and paper data to process, very manual processes that were not very secure, unreliable and not very durable, a tedious search for information and much too long closing deadlines. Despite this complexity, Talentia’s CPM solution was implemented in 3 months and the accounting teams were trained in one week, allowing an immediate return on investment.

Talentia Software’s CPM solution offers the financial department the opportunity to significantly improve its productivity by simplifying the consolidation and closing of accounts, facilitating data sharing and collaborative work among accounting teams, and delivering accurate and complete reports on the company’s financial performance.

This is a win-win situation for everyone: the department’s employees reduce repetitive tasks and add value to their work; the CFO orchestrates more regular and reliable closings and monitors the company’s financial health more accurately; the auditors produce their reports earlier on the basis of more exhaustive and easier to control data; and management has more relevant management data at its disposal more quickly.”

Talentia’s solution is the solution I was looking for to move towards paperless, improve the quality of controls and increase the productivity of an accounting department. It has allowed us to save valuable time, reduce the risk of errors and focus on high value-added tasks. It’s unthinkable for us today to go back to the old manual method! ” Loïc Gardel, CFO, Mutualité de La Réunion Group

About Mutualité de la Réunion Group

The Groupe Mutualité de La Réunion provides its 100,000 members, at every stage of their lives, with a supportive response to their health needs. A union of mutual insurers, it covers complementary health cover for individuals and companies, as well as aid for complementary health care.
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