Letter from Pierre Polette, CEO of Talentia Software

March 24, 2020

Dear customers, Dear partners,

In the face of current events, Talentia is committed to your side to ensure business continuity during this difficult period for Covid-19.

We have adapted our operations and remain strongly mobilized to accompany you on a daily basis. SaaS and digital tools widely deployed at Talentia are there to support our services which should be only slightly disrupted.

In France and in Europe, our teams are teleworking and continue their missions as they should:

  • All our users use the collaborative solution, Microsoft Teams, to exchange and communicate daily on current projects.
  • Our teams organize virtual breakfasts every morning to develop the social side and keep the link with the collaborators.
  • Our CEO Pierre Polette is on the front line with his teams and organizes a situation webinar every week with the teams in France and abroad.
  • We have created a group of free internal exchanges on Teams to allow employees to share their daily lives with each other through photos or anecdotes.
  • Some teams, especially R&D and technical staff, have VPN access to the network and the TeamViewer application.

A Crisis Unit is led every day by our CEO Pierre Polette.

  • This cell is composed of the members of the COMEX and key team managers to ensure that decisions are taken and implemented quickly.
  • A daily update is conducted on teams, troop morale, projects and emergencies.
  • Our motorbike acts quickly and in a reasoned way according to the evolution of the situation and brings precise answers to our collaborators, customers and partners.

We ensure the continuity of our activities for our customers

  • A team is dedicated to monitoring government actions to adapt and provide you with the necessary support.
  • Our Professional Services team will assist you on a daily basis with the new settings necessary to adapt to the new government directives.
  • Our R&D teams continue to update and evolve our solutions, particularly in view of the changes implemented by the government.
  • Regular webinars and communications on new government directives, tips to facilitate teleworking, finance and payroll management are available over the coming weeks.
  • A newsletter on the new regulatory principles related to VIDOC19 is sent to you every week to keep you informed.
  • A 24/7 online support is available to answer all your questions.

Our priority: to protect your health, ours and our families’ health while continuing our mission at your side.

We remain at your disposal for any questions you may have, do not hesitate to contact your usual contacts if necessary.

Take care of yourself.

Chief Executive Officer