Index: Figures suggest the pandemic strengthened digital transformation

February 2, 2021

In 2020, the pandemic took the world by storm and companies dived in headfirst. Faced with an unprecedented upheaval on a scale that had never been considered before,  the economic slowdown could have been a fatal blow to business transformation projects. However, recent figures released by Deloitte and PwC suggest a whole different story.

A good 79% of companies decided not to delay some of their projects. Far from holding in their development, they organized themselves to adopt an active approach to go on through the economic insecurity.

On the other hand,  85%
of big companies CFOs think the
sanitary crisis shortened the integration of CSR activities. Thus doing, the sanitary crisis acted as an accelerator in terms of digital transformation challenges.

  • The issue of the digital shift has become even more central. 78% of Chief Financial Officers plan to invest in digital. This is the one goal to be achieved for a majority of CFOs. In that way, they integrate it into their long-term vision.
  • This concern for more flexibility can be translated to process levels. Indeed, 70% of the big companies’ CFO are in hopes of optimizing and digitalizing the forecasting process. The support of digital and data solutions could become the driving force of growth and competitiveness between companies.
  • Finally, CFOs and IT managers learned from the crisis. 80% of them decided to shift their strategies in a radically different way compared with pre-crisis times.

Away from slowing companies’ development, the pandemic has shown the importance of digital transformation. The digital mutation has set itself as a pivotal tool of their operations. It is a pool of opportunities that will enable companies to respond effectively to challenges to come.

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