Improve cashflow management with dedicated software

August 22, 2019

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The profit of a business activity cannot be achieved without good cashflow management. With the help of specific software, it is easier to ensure financial stability and balance. It is therefore necessary to choose a solution that manages financial performance and covers the entire financial sphere.

How to optimize cashflow management ?

This involves daily management to maintain the company’s financial stability. To do this, various factors come into play : working capital requirements, trade receivables, commitments (debts to suppliers), credit and investment costs, etc. Financial managers must therefore monitor the evolution of the WCR (upwards or downwards) and ensure that cashflow remains positive.

By using cashflow management software, you benefit from a good visibility on information that allows you to identify risks, manage interest rates and mobilize the necessary resources, in the short or long term. It is a decision-making tool that provides a global view of cashflow and makes it possible to analyse the company’s financial situation.

The control of finances, forecasts, the organisation of reminders and collections thus becomes easier by having an effective solution to monitor financial flows on a daily basis (receipts, disbursements, accounting entries, bank reconciliations and exchanges, etc.). 

The cashflow management :  a complex and delicate job

Managing a company’s cashflow is often a complex task. This not only ensures that the company’s funds are used wisely, but also monitors in real time any accounting transactions requiring receipt or disbursement. All transactions must be recorded and dedicated. In addition, the treasury manager must consider various solutions in the event of financing or cash needs.

The preparation of reporting documents reflecting the financial and accounting situation for the company’s managers and financial partners is also part of its missions. Cashflow management software then becomes a major asset in order to minimize the risk of errors and lighten a job that can be very delicate.

A treasury software, an effective tool to better manage your business

It offers many options : real-time monitoring of the cash position and bank account balances, anticipation of accrued liabilities, debts to be recovered, risk assessment. It is also used to perform simulations, for example of different types of financing, or investments by varying interest rates/exchange rates, etc.

Compatible with other components of the information system, including the financial system, it collects and shares data instantly and securely, even in different formats. In this way, the company avoids errors caused by multiple entries, and reduces processing resources and costs.

Today, a large majority of organizations have treasury software that allows them to adjust their budget forecasts. The acquisition of such a tool no longer depends on the size of a company. According to a 2019 report from the comparator, 55% of european companies plan to invest very quickly in an ERP and more than 10% in software exclusive to finance.

Talentia Software, a publisher of payment and cashflow management software for corporations

For more than 25 years, Talentia Software has been recognized for its reliable expertise in the field of business management solutions for SMEs, mid-sized and large companies. The partner of choice for businesses, we offer personalized support including integration, training and technical assistance.

Our feature-rich and easily customizable solutions can be easily tailored to your company’s business context. With the right indicators and the right solutions at the right time, you’ll be able to improve the real-time reliability of your cashflow forecasts, and thus improve performance and profitability, to the great pleasure of your shareholders.