Human Resources and Payroll integration, an inseparable duo

January 14, 2020

Ressources Humaines et intégration de la paie, un duo inséparable

Regardless of size, companies often maintain their payroll and human resources as separate entities or departments. The integration of payroll into the HR function is now a real hit with organizations. If you’re still wondering about the need to integrate these two functions, here’s something to convince you for good.

Cutting down on paperwork

Recruiting and tracking employees usually requires an incalculable amount of data. It’s a bit of an HR nightmare and the problem doesn’t get any better when payroll processing requires just as much.

That’s why integrating payroll into HR can make it easier for managers to access the required data via a unified database. For example, when an employee requests leave, the system automatically updates payroll calculations, thus avoiding the need for additional administration and documentation. When payroll and HR employees use the same database, all information entered is updated automatically, leaving no room for errors. This also means less work for the HR team, employees and less risk.

Time spent on administrative tasks is reduced

Administrative tasks for the HR and payroll function require almost 30% of the working time. Valuable time that could be spent on more productive assignments such as streamlining the recruitment process and improving payroll functions. Merging HR and Payroll in companies allows staff to access more data more easily and therefore save time. Centralized administration is born…

A more thorough follow-up of each individual’s performance

A well-integrated performance evaluation software allows for the efficient merging of data related to recruitment, training, compensation structures, achievements, etc. By automating the entire performance monitoring process, a company can never go wrong. Prepare for timely, punctual, and unbiased performance reviews with cloud-based and SaaS-based performance appraisal software.

Improved security and accuracy

Limiting the manipulation of data in companies allows to limit security risks and to be more precise. A definite advantage that avoids costly errors and saves time in correcting them. Sensitive and confidential data is far too important today to be neglected.

Companies need detailed and accurate information about their employees. By integrating payroll with human resources functions, managers can make informed personnel decisions while improving employee engagement and satisfaction.