HR Trends: Cloud practices and strategies

December 23, 2019

La gestion de la paie dans le Cloud, un marché en plein boom

The use of cloud computing is now widely favoured by the digital transformation of companies. Thinking IT differently, with a business-oriented approach rather than simply focusing on resources, offers new growth opportunities. These new productivity enhancing tools are designed to transform businesses completely. Because 2020 is now, here are the six trends that will drive the cloud solutions market.

Cloud computing isn’t just an innovation, it’s a model in its own right. In the midst of a technology boom, companies are facing new constraints: agility, new storage solutions, mobility, connected objects and artificial intelligence. The transformation towards this model implies new ways of working and a strong internal culture. For industry professionals, cloud computing is a formidable growth driver for the years to come. Experts see it in six trends.

Six Trends to Boost the Cloud Computing Solutions Market

1)  And digital is mobile, and it spread like a powder keg. Closely related to Mode SaaS solutions, mobile usage allows companies more flexibility in moving, accessing and connecting. Accessing company files has become as easy from the other side of the world as from the office.

2)  According to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, 99% of French companies have a high-speed Internet connection and nearly 65% of employees have a computer in their business. A figure that should reach 80% this year. A statistic that says a lot about the weight of innovations in storage technologies and data analysis in the cloud computing market. A real gold mine for companies in the sector and a major trend for future cloud solutions. The new general regulation on the protection of personal data scheduled for the end of May 2018 should define the rules and limits.

3)  In recent years, social networks have been widely used in the workplace. Symbol of this new internal communication tool, the corporate social network (CSR) characterizes the rise of collaborative uses in companies. In 2017, more than 80% of CAC 40 companies already had a corporate social network, generally a cross-disciplinary network.

4) The other major innovation on the cloud computing market is the “All-Connected”. Home automation, Connected Objects, terms that will invade our professional and private daily lives. According to McKingsey, the annual contribution of connected objects to the global economy is expected to exceed $10 trillion by 2025.

5) Agile development refers to a methodology aimed at bringing flexibility and performance to finished products. It focuses on simplifying code, frequent testing, and delivering application functionality as soon as it is operational. Projects are carried out in this way and are intended to boost the market. A solution like DevOps is now used by 30% of CAC 40 companies.

All these trends are intended to make cloud computing a sustainable part of companies’ development strategies. However, its implementation is not easy and the cost it represents for storage and internal security is difficult to define …