The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is changing the paradigm of data protection in Europe. Since 25 May 2018, this regulation applies to all businesses which must be able to prove their compliance.

Solution at a glance​

The Talentia GDPR Plus solution supports you in your GDPR compliance process by allowing you to:

  • Map your processing and personal data within your HRIS
  • Generate an export of your processing register, formatted, proof of your compliance
  • Simplify the administration of new rights (deletion, access, portability), thanks to a dedicated administrative management.

Controlling risks

Manage the risks to your brand image and avoid the fine of up to 4% of your annual turnover. Seize the opportunity to build a better relationship of trust.


Control and security

Gain a global view of data processing and monitor the data entered in the company’s various HR applications to detect any sensitive data.

Simplify processing record keeping

The register of personal data processing can be requested by the CNIL, simplifying its maintenance thanks to the identification of processing errors and the consultation of modifications.


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GDPR+ full feature list

Map your processing and personal data within your HRIS and/or Payroll solution

Generate the information to create your processing log (proof of compliance) from the GPDR+ Console

Follow the requests to exercise the Rights

Benefit from a dedicated Talentia GDPR+ correspondent

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