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Talentia’s Salary Analysis software enables better decision making by ensuring you have an impartial and accurate idea of pay information of your workforce and the market. Talentia will help you make effective remuneration decisions and policies.

Compare, measure and plan

Talentia’s solution makes benchmarking simple and efficient. The platform can be configured to your companies’ specific approach to market pay, using inbuilt features to collect and analyse salary benchmarking data. All the time spent gathering, correcting, compiling, communicating and analysing a huge volume of information distributed throughout your organisation, could be used instead to complete tasks with greater speed and efficiency. As a result, HR can conduct salary analysis using both internal and external data and can optimize its compensation budget, ensuring pay is both equitable and competitive.

Salary Analysis
Salary Analysis

Model Salary Analysis graphically

Quickly model different scenarios and examine financial impacts. Data is displayed in graphical chart which enables quick understanding of salary information. Understand how your salary structures compares to the market and easily identify employees whose remuneration is below or above company policy. Adjust a salary line to account for various factors (position, level, skills, seniority, etc.) applicable to specific groups.

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Salary Analysis full feature list

Matching Compensation with Core Values

Benchmarking internal and external data​

Adjust a salary line to account for various factors (position, level, skills, seniority, etc.)

Merit Matrix​

Actual or simulated salary data


Graphical chart representation

Ensures fairness of remuneration

Link between compensation and performance

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